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Cessna A185 For Sale


Cessna A185 Specifications

Year 1973
Manufacturer Cessna
Model Cessna A185
Location Alberta
Serial Number 185-02126
Registration Number C-FFNK
Total Time 6740 hours
Ad Type For Sale
Currency Exchange
Price $132,874
Aircraft For Sale on GlobalAir.com
Seller Information
Lorne Gray
Aircraft Canada
316 Hamptons Terrace
Calgary, AB T3A 5S2

Phone: 403-547-1024
Fax: 403-547-0037
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Cessna A185 exteriorCessna A185 exteriorCessna A185 exteriorCessna A185 exteriorCessna A185 exteriorCessna A185 exteriorCessna A185 interiorCessna A185 interiorCessna A185 interiorCessna A185 interiorCessna A185 panelCessna A185 panelCessna A185 panelCessna A185 panel
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Aircraft Canada
1973 Cessna A185
Serial: 185-02126 | Registration: C-FFNK | Price: $132,874
Canadian Registered Cessna A185F complete with wheel gear and EDO2960 Floats.
EW FLOATS 2126.58
80 Gallons US
New STC Windshield (no center strap)
New STC cabin door stewards (saves doors)
New Garmin Audio Panel with 4- place intercom jacks at all
New STC Selkirk FIBERGLASS INTERIOR PANELS including baggage compartment panels.
New STC Selkirk Insrument panel glare shield.

6740 TTSN Never seen salt water


Bottom End 565 Hours
Cylinders 1525 Hours

2 Blade McCauley 50 Hours Due May 2013

Painted in 2005 - 8/10

New in 2005 - Cloth - 7/10

Horton STOL, BAS Shoulder Harness, Air Wolfe Remote Oil Filter, Alaskan Bush Seats, Rosen Visors.Long Range Tanks

Inspection Status:
Commercially Registered
Cessna A185 for sale
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Cessna A185 for sale
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Cessna A185 for sale
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  • KY97A Comm
  • Appollo 820 GPS
  • ICOM IC-F310 Comm
  • Sigtronics Intercom
  • Additional Equipment:
  • Horton STOL, EDO2960 Floats, Wheel Gear

  • Lorne Gray Agencies Ltd.
    316 Hamptons Terrace
    N.W. Calgary, Alberta T3A 5S2
    Telephone: 01-403-547-1024
    Fax: 01-403-547-0037
    Email: info@aircraftcanada.com

    Aircraft Canada (Winnipeg)
    (204) 955-2549

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    Serial: 185-02126
    Registration: C-FFNK


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