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Falcon 50EX For Sale


Falcon 50EX Specifications

Year 1998
Manufacturer Dassault Falcon Jet
Model Falcon 50EX
Location Massachusetts
Serial Number 275
Registration Number 52YP
Total Time 4662 hours
Ad Type For Sale
Currency Exchange
Price $5,250,000
Aircraft For Sale on GlobalAir.com
Seller Information
Sales Staff
Avpro, Inc.
900 Bestgate Road, Suite 412
Annapolis, MD 21401
Closest Airport: ANP

Phone: 410-573-1515
Fax: 410-573-1919
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Avpro, Inc.

1998 Falcon 50EX

Serial Number: 275
Registration: N52YP
Price: $5,250,000

Engines & APU Enrolled on MSP
1B/3B Inspections c/w 6/13
A/A+ & 2A/2A+ Inspections c/w 2/14
C & 2C Inspections c/w 1/11
Landing Gear Overhaul c/w 1/11
Dry Bay Mod (SB F50-496) c/w 1/11
New Paint & Interior, January 2011

4662 Hours Since New
3580 Landings Since New

Engines: AlliedSignal TFE731-40

#1 #2 #3
HSN: 4662 4662 4662
CSN: 3580 3580 3580

APU: Garrett GTCP36-100A
2,210 Hours Since New

Overall Jet Glo Matterhorn White with Shamrock Green & Gold Metallic Accent Striping.New Paint Falcon Jet, Wilmington, January 2011

Eight (8) passenger configuration featuring a forward four (4) place club followed by an aft four (4) place club. Tan leather seating, tan carpet, Quarter figured African mahogany cabinetry, brown natural accents and polished bronze plating. Additional features include an aft lavatory and folding jump seat. New Interior January 2011
Falcon 50EX for sale
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Falcon 50EX for sale
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Falcon 50EX for sale
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  • Collins EFIS-4000 ProLine 4 Avionics
  • Collins APS-4000 Auto Pilot
  • Dual Collins VHF-422A COMMS w/8.33 Spacing
  • Dual Collins VIR-432 NAVS w/FM Immunity
  • Dual Collins DME-442 DMEs
  • Dual Collins ADF-462 ADFs
  • Dual Collins TDR-94D ATC Transponders
  • Dual Collins FMS-6100 w/GPS
  • Dual Honeywell Laseref III
  • Dual Allied Signal KHF-950
  • Collins ALR-55B Radar Altimeter
  • Collins AHS-85E Altitude Heading Reference System
  • TrueNorth Simphone Prelude Iridium 2 Channel Phone System (New August 2010)
  • Collins TCAS 94 w/Change 7
  • Allied Signal Mark V EGPWS w/Windshear
  • Collins TWR-850 Color Weather Radar
  • Allied Signal Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • Allied Signal Flight Data Recorder
  • Allied Signal SAT
  • Digital AFIS
  • RVSM/FM Immunity/8.33kHz/B-RNAV/RNP-10
  • Airshow 4000 (New August 2010)
  • Sirius Technology 15.1” LCD Flat Panel Monitor (New January 2011)
  • Rosen Cabin Monitors w/5.6” Screens & Side Ledge Outlets
  • Dual DVD Player (New January 2011)
  • Facsimile
  • Digital AFIS
  • Large Oxygen Bottle
  • Coltech SELCAL (2 channel)
  • Dual Davtron Digital Clocks
  • TIA Hi-Temp Oven
  • Coffeemaker
  • Devore Tel-Tail Recognition Light System

Avpro, Inc.
Herbie Kane
900 Bestgate Road, Suite 412
Annapolis, MD 21401
URL: www.avprojets.com
Email: hkane@avprojets.com
Telephone: 410-573-1515
Fax: 410-573-1919

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Serial: 275
Registration: 52YP


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