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Gulfstream IV/SP For Sale


Gulfstream IV/SP Specifications

Year 1992
Manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace
Model Gulfstream IV/SP
Location Pennsylvania
Serial Number 1209
Registration Number 724DD
Total Time 8575 hours
Ad Type For Sale
Currency Exchange
Price $6,950,000
Aircraft For Sale on GlobalAir.com
Seller Information
Sales Staff
Avpro, Inc.
900 Bestgate Road, Suite 412
Annapolis, MD 21401
Closest Airport: ANP

Phone: 410-573-1515
Fax: 410-573-1919
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Gulfstream IV/SP exteriorGulfstream IV/SP exteriorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP interiorGulfstream IV/SP panel
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Avpro, Inc.

1992 Gulfstream IVSP

Serial Number: 1209
Registration: N724DD
Price: $6,950,000

Fresh Engine Overhauls
24/48 Month Inspections @ Gulfstream SAV 8/2012
Operating on Part 135 Certificate
APU on Honeywell MSP
Honeywell Avionics Protection Program (HAPP)
Collins Avionics Service Plan (CASP)
Securaplane Security System
Gulfstream CMP

8575 Hours Since New
4329 Landings Since New

Engines: Rolls Royce Tay 611-8
Left Right
HSN: 8312 8104
CSN: 4329 4211
Hours Since Overhaul: 419 419
S/N: 16525 16523

APU: Honeywell GTCP36-150 SN P-391C
6879 Hours Since New
722 Hours Since Overhaul

Overall White with Gold and Tan Accent Striping. New Paint February 2005
for sale
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for sale
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for sale
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Outstanding sixteen (16) passenger interior features a forward left side four (4) place berthable divan opposite a two (2) place club arrangement. The mid cabin offers a right side credenza opposite a four (4) place conference group. The aft cabin provides a right side four (4) place berthable divan across from a two (2) place club arrangement.

The individual chairs are completed in camel colored leathers complimented by the matching fabric divans. The cabinetry is done in a medium colored high gloss with coordinating gold colored plating and patterned carpeting.

The aft galley amenities include a microwave oven, convection oven, two coffee makers; gasper cooled storage, Airshow 400, two flight phones, two DVD players, and stereo. New Interior February 2005

  • Honeywell SPZ-8000 EFIS System
  • Triple Collins VHF 422 w/8.33 Spacing
  • Dual Collins VIR 32 w/FM Immunity
  • Dual Collins 462 ADF
  • Dual Collins 442 DME
  • Dual Honeywell SPZ 8000 Flight Director
  • Dual Honeywell AZ 810 ADC
  • Dual Collins Transponders w/Enhanced Flight ID
  • Dual Honeywell NZ2000 w/GPS
  • Triple Honeywell LASEREF II IRS with LASERTRAK
  • Dual Honeywell HF9000 w/SELCAL
  • Honeywell Primus 870 Radar
  • Honeywell TCAS 2000 w/Change 7
  • Honeywell Mark V Enhanced GPWS w/RAAS/Windshear/LRNAV
  • Fairchild A100 Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • Fairchild F1000 Digital Flight Data Recorder
  • Honeywell DL-950 Data Loader
  • Dual Honeywell AFIS
  • Artex 406 MHz ELT w/Nav Interface
  • E-Mail for Blackberry and iPhone
  • RVSM/MNPS Capable
  • RNP 5 & 10 Compliant
  • TAWS Compliant
  • Thrust Reversers
  • Airshow 400
  • Provisions for Electronic Flight Bags in Cockpit
  • Auto Throttles
  • Securaplane Security System
  • Securaplane Emergency Lighting
  • Pulselite System
  • Rosemount Ice Detection System
  • Dual Davtron Clocks
  • 60 Hz Cabin Outlets
  • Quick Access Data Recorder
  • Safe Located in the Forward Closet

Avpro, Inc.

Bob Rabbitt
900 Bestgate Road, Suite 412
Annapolis, MD 21401
URL: www.avprojets.com
Email: brabbitt@avprojets.com
Telephone: 410-573-1515
Fax: 410-573-1919

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Serial: 1209
Registration: 724DD


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