Tuesday, September 02, 2014
04:26 UTC
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Currently there are 3,107 FBOs reporting their fuel prices. GlobalAir.com has tracked 13 fuel price updates within the past 24 hours.

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Lowest 100LL Fuel Prices
Hyannis, NE 1V2 INDEPENDENT $3.54 SS
Henderson, TX RFI AVFUEL $4.39 SS
Mansfield, LA 3F3 AVFUEL $4.50 SS
Clewiston, FL 2IS CHEVRON $4.51 SS
Sherman, TX SWI EPIC $4.55 SS
Quitman, MS 23M INDEPENDENT $4.55 SS
La Belle, FL X14 CHEVRON $4.57 SS
Liberty, TX T78 INDEPENDENT $4.59 SS
Durant, OK DUA AVFUEL $4.60 FS
Elk City, OK ELK AVFUEL $4.60 FS

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Lowest JetA Fuel Prices
Iuka, MS 15M SHELL $3.50 SS
Borger, TX BGD PHILLIPS66 $3.75 FS
Westfield/Springfield, MA BAF EPIC $3.79 FS
Aguadilla, PR BQN INDEPENDENT $3.80 FS
Philipsburg, MF TNCM SHELL $3.86 FS
Aguadilla, PR BQN INDEPENDENT $3.89 FS
La Belle, FL X14 CHEVRON $3.89 SS
Philipsburg, MF TNCM TEXACO $3.90 FS
Clewiston, FL 2IS CHEVRON $3.92 SS
Westfield/Springfield, MA BAF INDEPENDENT $3.95 FS
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