Thursday, July 28, 2016
16:22 UTC
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Southern Region

Full Service JETA

Full Service

Full Service

$ 4 .58
$ 4 .77
*Arrows indicate above or below national averages
Displaying results 301 to 253 of 253 FBOs selling full service JETA fuel in the Southern Region.

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StateCityFBOAirportFuel BrandJETAJETA+100LLUpdated
FLWest Palm BeachSignature Flight SupportPBIAvfuel FuelJul 28, 2016
FLWest Palm BeachAtlantic Aviation - PBIPBIIndependent FuelJul 28, 2016
FLWest Palm BeachJet AviationPBIPhillips 66 FuelJul 26, 2016

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