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A.Buyer saves you time by only showing you the aircraft you want to see!  Track an entire market, or track two!

What is A.Buyer?

A.Buyer is an advanced research tool used to locate aircraft with a specific range of requirements. There is no other tool on the Internet that gives you the capabilities that A.Buyer does!  You are able to search by aircraft type, total time, year, price, or any combination of these. A.Buyer also allows you to save your searches for future use making your search for aircraft much more efficient. Using the A.Buyer system you are able to track multiple aircraft at the same time, as well as mark the ones you like as favorites. When an aircraft is labeled as a favorite, you can leave a custom rating, as well as custom notes, that you are later able to go back and review.

Are you in the Market for a new aircraft?

Find that special aircraft you have been looking for or search a particular market that gives you the average total time, average price, and the total number of aircrafts in the specific market.

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