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Bonanza A36 For Sale


Bonanza A36 Sales Listings

The Aircraft Exchange currently has 8 (new or used) Bonanza A36s on the market at an average price of $159,316. These Bonanza A36 single pistons for sale are available immediately. Most of our Bonanza A36 for sale listings include serial number, images, specifications and aircraft price. Are you considering the purchase of a Bonanza A36? Review our Bonanza A36 for sale listings and check out our A36 specifications and images library to get design ideas and mission profiles.
Filters: Beechcraft > Bonanza A36
Selected: Single Pistons

Filters: Single Pistons > Bonanza A36
Selected: Beechcraft


Image of the selected aircraft type Bonanza A36 information library
The Bonanza A36 single piston aircraft is manufactured by Beechcraft, has a normal range of 114 nm and a maximum range of 660 nm. Typically it can support a crew of 1 and can carry up to 3 passengers. It has a normal cruising speed of 169 knots and a maximum cruising speed of 174 knots. It features 1 Continental Con IO-550-B engine.
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AircraftYearTotal TimePriceAd Type

Bonanza A36 1983 3950 TT $142,000 For Sale
Broker: Carolina Aircraft, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-08-2014
Serial: E-2092
Reg: 67222 Aircraft VideoTrue Airspeed Indicator
Bonanza A36 1997 907 TT $325,000 For Sale
Broker: Carolina Aircraft, Inc. Spec Updated: 03-26-2014
Serial: E-3125
Reg: 9YT New Pressure Pump 3/2014
Bonanza A36 1995 510 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Lone Mountain Aircraft Spec Updated: 03-12-2014
Serial: E02981
Reg: 66FN Low Time A36 Bonanza with A/C!
Bonanza A36 1978 3250 TT $99,000 For Sale
Broker: Carolina Aircraft, Inc. Spec Updated: 03-03-2014
Serial: E-1159
Reg: 1025P No Damage History
Bonanza A36 1976 6800 TT $169,900 For Sale
Broker: Aeropremiere Spec Updated: 02-25-2014
Serial: E-1451
Reg: 6026Y Brand new leather interior
Bonanza A36 1973 N/A TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Premier Group, Inc. Spec Updated: 02-06-2014
Serial: E-420
Reg: 1077W Below Average Total Time,
Bonanza A36 1978 3995 TT $127,500 For Sale
Broker: Watts-Woodland Airport, Inc. Spec Updated: 10-09-2013
Serial: E-1208
Reg: 23717 Clean A36, Fresh Top O/H
Bonanza A36 1975 4763 TT $92,500 For Sale
Broker: Individual Spec Updated: 07-17-2013
Serial: E-732
Reg: 15XA Complete Logs



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