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Citation Excel For Sale

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Citation Excel For Sale

The Aircraft Exchange currently has 12 (new or used) Citation Excels on the market at an average price of $2,828,333. These Citation Excel jet aircraft for sale are available immediately. Most of our Citation Excel aircraft for sale listings include aircraft serial number, images, aircraft specifications and aircraft price. If you are interested in our Citation Excel aircraft for sale listings please check out our Citation Excel aircraft specifications and images library to get aircraft design ideas and mission profiles. If you are unable to find the aircraft you are looking for in our aircraft for sale listings you can sign up for A.Buyer and receive an alert when a new aircraft for sale listing becomes available for this aircraft or you can post an aircraft wanted ad.
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Citation Excel Technical Specifications Library
The Citation Excel jet aircraft is manufactured by Cessna, has a normal range of 1449 and a maximum range of 1839. Typically it can support a crew of 2 and can carry up to 7 passengers. It has a normal cruising speed of 433 and a maximum cruising speed of 433. It features 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545A engines.
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Aircraft Year Tot. Time Price Ad Type

Citation Excel 1999 3264 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: OGARAJETS LLC Spec Updated: 04-27-2016
Serial: 560-5035
CESCOM Maintenance Tracking Program
Citation Excel 2000 4229 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Avpro, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-14-2016
Serial: 560-5101
Reg: 81SH Major Maintenance by Cessna Wichita & Toledo Servi
Citation Excel 2000 5634 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Global Jet Aviation Spec Updated: 03-21-2016
Serial: 5102
Reg: 997CB ProParts, Power Advantage, Aux Advantage
Citation Excel 1998 4970 TT $2,395,000 For Sale
Broker: Leading Edge Aviation Solutions, LLC. Spec Updated: 03-18-2016
Serial: 560-5014
Reg: 531MB Airshow 400
Citation Excel N/A TT Wanted
Broker: Jet 1 Aviation
Citation Excel 2004 N/A TT Make Offer For Lease
Broker: CAAP, Inc. Spec Updated: 02-05-2016
Serial: 560-5367
Reg: 677QS Fractional Lease
Citation Excel 2000 4500 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: American Aircraft Sales, Inc. Spec Updated: 01-21-2016
Serial: 5070
Reg: HB-VOU Gross weight increase
Citation Excel 2002 3808 TT $3,395,000 For Sale
Broker: Million Air Dallas Spec Updated: 01-13-2016
Serial: 560-5249
Reg: 429JS Zero-Time on New Custom Paint Design & Interior So
Citation Excel N/A TT Wanted
Broker: Atlanta Aviation Group
Aircraft Wanted
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Citation XLS 2006 3225 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Elliott Jets Spec Updated: 04-27-2016
Serial: 560-5623
Reg: 562VP 135 and RVSM Ready
Citation Encore 2002 10006 TT $2,495,000 For Sale
Broker: Cerretani Aviation Group, LLC Spec Updated: 04-27-2016
Serial: 560-0601
Reg: 108VR New Engines and Phase 1-5 Inspections
Citation Encore+ 2008 862 TT $4,500,000 For Sale
Broker: Jetbrokers, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-25-2016
Serial: 560-0798
Reg: 808PL Engines enrolled on Power Advantage +
Citation Bravo 2000 3032 TT $1,795,000 For Sale
Broker: CAH Aircraft Sales, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-21-2016
Serial: 550-0944
Reg: 813AK ProParts and PWR Advantage
Citation Bravo 2002 2888 TT $1,995,000 For Sale
Broker: Hopkinson Aircraft Sales Spec Updated: 04-20-2016
Serial: 550-1023
Reg: C-FEVC Honeywell 3-Tube EFIS
Citation XLS+ 2010 1347 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Business Aircraft Leasing Spec Updated: 04-19-2016
Serial: 560-6057
Reg: 868RB Collins Proline 21 Avionics System
Citation XLS 2007 914 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: ASA Consulting Spec Updated: 04-18-2016
Serial: 5739
Reg: PR-FJA One owner since new. Excellent Maintenance.
Citation XLS+ 2009 2456 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Textron Aviation Spec Updated: 04-08-2016
Serial: 560-6009
Reg: 560DG PowerAdvantage+
Citation XLS+ 2009 1222 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Lone Mountain Aircraft Spec Updated: 04-07-2016
Serial: 560-6045
Reg: I-CNDG All Inspections Current
Citation XLS+ 2015 43 TT $9,595,000 For Sale
Broker: Colibri Aircraft Ltd. Spec Updated: 04-06-2016
Serial: 560-6193
Reg: M-YXLS : Enrolled on Power Advantage Plus, AUX Advantage
Citation Bravo 2004 2568 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Mach One International, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-04-2016
Serial: 1096
Reg: VT-BNF Pratt & Whitney’s ESP Gold plan
Citation XLS 2011 1924 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Aerolineas Ejecutivas Spec Updated: 03-29-2016
Serial: 560-6065
Reg: XA-LOS Excellent Paint and interior
Citation Encore 2003 2995 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Textron Aviation Spec Updated: 03-28-2016
Serial: 560-0639
Reg: 24GF JSSI
Citation XLS 2004 4975 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Rice Aviation Group, LLC Spec Updated: 03-23-2016
Serial: 560-5503
Reg: XA-AEA Fresh Overhauls by Dallas Airmotive
Citation Bravo 2000 2795 TT $1,625,000 For Sale
Broker: Derrick Schmidt Aviation Spec Updated: 03-11-2016
Serial: 550-0928
Reg: 928CB Cessna Wichita maintained
Citation Encore+ 2007 2767 TT $3,495,000 For Sale
Broker: Capital Jet Group Spec Updated: 03-07-2016
Serial: 560-0758
Reg: 62WA One US Midwest Owner Since New
Citation XLS N/A TT Wanted
Broker: VezFly
Citation Bravo 2000 2925 TT $1,750,000 For Sale
Broker: JETPRO Texas Spec Updated: 02-25-2016
Serial: 550-0952
Reg: 811JA On Cessna ProParts
Citation Encore 2002 7012 TT $2,750,000 For Sale
Broker: Texas Aero Spec Updated: 02-24-2016
Serial: 560-0615
Reg: 152JH 100% JSSI PREMIUM
Citation Bravo 1997 9356 TT $1,195,000 For Sale
Broker: Elliott Jets Spec Updated: 02-24-2016
Serial: 550-0820
Reg: 779KD Phase 1-4 and Survey by Cessna Milwaukee August 20

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