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Hawker 800B For Sale

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Hawker 800B For Sale

The Aircraft Exchange currently has 1 (new or used) Hawker 800Bs on the market. These Hawker 800B jet aircraft for sale are available immediately. Most of our Hawker 800B aircraft for sale listings include aircraft serial number, images, aircraft specifications and aircraft price. If you are interested in our Hawker 800B aircraft for sale listings please check out our Hawker 800B aircraft specifications and images library to get aircraft design ideas and mission profiles. If you are unable to find the aircraft you are looking for in our aircraft for sale listings you can sign up for A.Buyer and receive an alert when a new aircraft for sale listing becomes available for this aircraft or you can post an aircraft wanted ad.
Filters: Hawker Aircraft > Hawker 800B
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Filters: Jets > Hawker 800B
Selected: Hawker Aircraft


Hawker 800B Technical Specifications Library
The Hawker 800B jet aircraft is manufactured by Hawker Aircraft, has a normal range of 2390 and a maximum range of 2570. Typically it can support a crew of 2 and can carry up to 8 passengers. It has a normal cruising speed of 429 and a maximum cruising speed of 442. It features 2 Honeywell TFE 731-5R engines.
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Aircraft Year Tot. Time Price Ad Type

Hawker 800B 1985 9621 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Jets4UDirect Spec Updated: 01-14-2016
Serial: 258037
Aircraft Video Fresh 48mths Inspection Jan 2016
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Hawker 800XP 2002 8291 TT $2,750,000 For Sale
Broker: Hatt & Associates Spec Updated: 05-04-2016
Serial: 258592
Reg: 892VR ProLine 21 Avionics Suite
Hawker 800XP 2006 6855 TT $3,195,000 For Sale
Broker: Hatt & Associates Spec Updated: 05-03-2016
Serial: 258779
Reg: CS-DRP Collins ProLine 21 Avionics
Hawker 800XP 2004 6172 TT $3,750,000 For Sale
Broker: CAAP, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-27-2016
Serial: 258660
Reg: 800RC Landing gear overhauled April 2016
Hawker 800XP N/A TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: OGARAJETS LLC Spec Updated: 04-27-2016
Charter company for sale
Hawker 800XP 1995 4905 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Hopkinson Aircraft Sales Spec Updated: 04-26-2016
Serial: 258283
Reg: C-FJHS Dee Howard Thrust Reversers
Hawker 800XP 1999 3170 TT $2,395,000 For Sale
Broker: Avpro, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-22-2016
Serial: 258423
Reg: 7NY Excellent Pedigree
Hawker 800A 1985 11363 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Jetbrokers, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-22-2016
Serial: 258049
Reg: 796CH Engines on MSP Gold
Hawker 800XP 1997 6775 TT $2,095,000 For Sale
Broker: Guardian Jet, LLC Spec Updated: 04-20-2016
Serial: 258316
Reg: 75HL Engines on MSP Gold
Hawker 800XP 2001 3507 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: ASA Consulting Spec Updated: 04-18-2016
Serial: 258547
Reg: PR-OPP No damage history. One owner since new,
Hawker 800XP 2002 1679 TT $2,300,000 For Sale
Broker: Avpro, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-14-2016
Serial: 258575
Reg: B-3997 Fresh E Check June 2015
Hawker 800A 1989 11400 TT $775,000 For Sale
Broker: Aeroelica Spec Updated: 04-12-2016
Serial: 258152
Reg: XA-UVH Engines enrolled in MSP Gold- Owner Motivated
Hawker 800XP 2005 3098 TT $3,550,000 For Sale
Broker: 88West Aviation Spec Updated: 04-11-2016
Serial: 258744
Reg: 744XP Engines & APU enrolled in Honeywell MSP Gold
Hawker 800XP 1999 11346 TT $1,649,500 For Sale
Broker: AVJET GLOBAL Spec Updated: 04-07-2016
Serial: 258428
Reg: 885LS FAR Part 91; Part 135 Compliant
Hawker 800XP 2000 9908 TT $1,775,000 For Sale
Broker: Hatt & Associates Spec Updated: 04-04-2016
Serial: 258479
Reg: 860TM Deal Pending!
Hawker 800A 1995 8366 TT $1,395,000 For Sale
Broker: Mach One International, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-01-2016
Serial: 258258
Reg: 258MR Engines Enrolled on MSP
Hawker 800A 1987 8775 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Axiom Aviation Spec Updated: 03-28-2016
Serial: 258102
Reg: 316GS Enrolled on CAMP
Hawker 800XP 1999 4103 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: L & L International Ltd. Spec Updated: 03-28-2016
Serial: 258404
Reg: 930PT GoGo Inflight Wireless Internet
Hawker 800XP 1998 6274 TT $1,990,000 For Sale
Broker: MENTE Group, LLC Spec Updated: 03-16-2016
Serial: 258369
Reg: 621WH MSP
Hawker 800XP 2002 4508 TT $2,650,000 For Sale
Broker: Avpro, Inc. Spec Updated: 03-11-2016
Serial: 258559
Reg: 977AV Meticulously Maintained & Professionally Operated
Hawker 800XP 1998 10463 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: The Private Jet Company Spec Updated: 03-09-2016
Serial: 258361
Reg: 999RZ CAMP
Hawker 800XP 2005 3935 TT $3,850,000 For Sale
Broker: Safe Journeys Aviation Spec Updated: 03-08-2016
Serial: 258737
Reg: 518M Enrolled in Collins CASP program
Hawker 800XP 1998 11677 TT $1,475,000 For Sale
Broker: Hatt & Associates Spec Updated: 02-29-2016
Serial: 258393
Reg: 840TM Engines enrolled on MSP
Hawker 800XP 2003 4112 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Qujets.com Spec Updated: 02-28-2016
Serial: 258600
Reg: 908NR Hawker 800XP 258600, 2 Owners, Be the 3rd Owner!
Hawker 800XP 1998 6157 TT $1,895,000 For Sale
Broker: Concentric Aviation, LLC Spec Updated: 02-26-2016
Serial: 258390
Reg: 850HS Fresh E/F/G and 16-Year Inspections
Hawker 800XP 1997 9208 TT $1,595,000 For Sale
Broker: Sky Aviation Holdings LLC Spec Updated: 02-24-2016
Serial: 258297
Reg: 960TC Engines on MSP
Hawker 800A 1995 6350 TT $1,395,000 For Sale
Broker: AeroCraft International, Inc. Spec Updated: 02-23-2016
Serial: 258269
Reg: 302EA 48-month Inspection c/w August 2015
Hawker 800XP N/A TT Wanted
Broker: Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales
Aircraft Wanted
Hawker 800A 1985 12831 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: American Charter Services Spec Updated: 02-11-2016
Serial: 258051
Reg: XA-ELM Engines on JSSI 100%

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