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Arrow PA-28R-200 For Sale

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Arrow PA-28R-200 For Sale

The Aircraft Exchange currently has 1 (new or used) Arrow PA-28R-200s on the market at an average price of $59,500. These Arrow PA-28R-200 single piston aircraft for sale are available immediately. Most of our Arrow PA-28R-200 aircraft for sale listings include aircraft serial number, images, aircraft specifications and aircraft price. If you are interested in our Arrow PA-28R-200 aircraft for sale listings please check out our Arrow PA-28R-200 aircraft specifications and images library to get aircraft design ideas and mission profiles. If you are unable to find the aircraft you are looking for in our aircraft for sale listings you can sign up for A.Buyer and receive an alert when a new aircraft for sale listing becomes available for this aircraft or you can post an aircraft wanted ad.
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Filters: Single Pistons > Arrow PA-28R-200
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Arrow PA-28R-200 Technical Specifications Library
The Arrow PA-28R-200 single piston aircraft is manufactured by Piper, has a normal range of 327 and a maximum range of 907. Typically it can support a crew of 1 and can carry up to 4 passengers. It has a normal cruising speed of 131 and a maximum cruising speed of 145. It features 1 Lycoming Ly IO-360-C1C6 engine.
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Aircraft Year Tot. Time Price Ad Type

Arrow PA-28R-200 1974 5535 TT $59,500 For Sale
Broker: Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc. Spec Updated: 10-13-2015
Serial: 28R-7535012
Reg: 44AY Aircraft Video WAAS
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Broker: Airmart, Inc. Spec Updated: 10-12-2015
Serial: 28-8011071
Arrow PA-28R-201T 1977 2856 TT $110,000 For Sale
Broker: Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. Spec Updated: 10-02-2015
Serial: 28R-7703338
Reg: C-GQNA All AD's done; Annual c/w Feb. 2015
Cherokee PA-28-180 1963 3407 TT $29,000 For Sale
Broker: No-Spin Aircraft Sales Spec Updated: 09-30-2015
Serial: 28-1412
Reg: 7499W Aircraft Video Beautiful inside and out
Cherokee PA-28-140 1969 4464 TT $30,000 For Sale
Broker: Aircraft Canada Spec Updated: 09-29-2015
Serial: 28-26275
Reg: C-GQOJ Will be sold with a fresh annual.
Arrow PA-28RT-201T 2200 TT $89,500 For Sale
Broker: South Planes Travel Spec Updated: 09-28-2015
Serial: 28R-7803215
Reg: 6263C Low time engine and airframe
Archer II PA-28-181 2226 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Jet Center MFR Spec Updated: 09-25-2015
Serial: 28-7790126
Reg: 5450F Only 2226TT - Last Annual Aug 2015
Archer II PA-28-181 1986 3980 TT $89,900 For Sale
Broker: Airmart, Inc. Spec Updated: 09-15-2015
Serial: 28-8690037
Reg: 9093Z Garmin GNS430W
Arrow IV PA-28R-201 5146 TT $74,500 For Sale
Broker: Steve Weaver Aircraft Sales Spec Updated: 09-11-2015
Serial: 28R-7918239
Reg: 2962W King KMA-24 Audio Panel
Cherokee PA-28-235 1969 4600 TT $79,000 For Sale
Broker: Nexga Aircraft, Inc. Spec Updated: 08-13-2015
Serial: 28-11208
Reg: 8511N Very Nice, Well Equipped
Dakota PA-28-236 1980 3894 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: TJ Neff Aircraft Sales Spec Updated: 07-21-2015
Serial: 28-8011126
Reg: 8240E Owner financing available
Cherokee PA-28-140 1965 4498 TT $29,990 For Sale
Broker: Allaviations Inc Spec Updated: 07-20-2015
Serial: 28-21232
Reg: 4529R Excellent IFR, Fresh Annual
Cherokee PA-28-180 1968 4100 TT $33,900 For Sale
Broker: Allaviations Inc Spec Updated: 07-17-2015
Serial: 28-4934
Reg: 6501J Single Axis Autopilot System
Cherokee PA-28-140 1761 TT $24,900 For Sale
Broker: Individual Spec Updated: 07-09-2015
Serial: 28-24107
Reg: 1700J Low time, STC Auto Fuel
Arrow IV PA-28R-201 1980 5400 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Premier Group, Inc. Spec Updated: 06-22-2015
Serial: 8131025
Reg: 8296T Turbo Charged
Cherokee PA-28-140 1965 3721 TT $21,900 For Sale
Broker: Airmart, Inc. Spec Updated: 05-26-2015
Serial: 28-23439
Reg: 9917W
Cherokee PA-28-140 1967 5573 TT $33,500 For Sale
Broker: Aircraft Canada Spec Updated: 05-19-2015
Serial: 28-22595
Reg: C-FEAH Low time!
Archer PA-28-180 2014 N/A TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Flightline Group, Inc. Spec Updated: 04-16-2015
Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite
Cherokee PA-28-180 3086 TT $42,900 For Sale
Broker: TJ Neff Aircraft Sales Spec Updated: 04-09-2015
Serial: 28-1907
Reg: 7883W Low total and engine times!
Dakota PA-28-236 1980 1855 TT $129,900 For Sale
Broker: Lone Mountain Aircraft Spec Updated: 04-06-2015
Serial: 28-8111015
Reg: 82829 No Damage History. Air Conditioning
Warrior PA-28-151 1974 8300 TT $25,000 For Sale
Broker: Air-Mods Flight Center Spec Updated: 11-13-2014
Serial: 28-7515064
Reg: 44792 Good maintenance history



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