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Chieftain PA-31-350 For Sale

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Chieftain PA-31-350 For Sale

The Aircraft Exchange currently has 3 (new or used) Chieftain PA-31-350s on the market at an average price of $166,000. These Chieftain PA-31-350 twin piston aircraft for sale are available immediately. Most of our Chieftain PA-31-350 aircraft for sale listings include aircraft serial number, images, aircraft specifications and aircraft price. If you are interested in our Chieftain PA-31-350 aircraft for sale listings please check out our Chieftain PA-31-350 aircraft specifications and images library to get aircraft design ideas and mission profiles. If you are unable to find the aircraft you are looking for in our aircraft for sale listings you can sign up for A.Buyer and receive an alert when a new aircraft for sale listing becomes available for this aircraft or you can post an aircraft wanted ad.
Filters: Piper > Chieftain PA-31-350
Selected: Twin Pistons

Filters: Twin Pistons > Chieftain PA-31-350
Selected: Piper


Chieftain PA-31-350 Technical Specifications Library
The Chieftain PA-31-350 twin piston aircraft is manufactured by Piper, has a normal range of 390 and a maximum range of 690. Typically it can support a crew of 1 and can carry up to 9 passengers. It has a normal cruising speed of 175 and a maximum cruising speed of 225. It features 2 Lycoming TIO-540-J2BD engines.
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Aircraft Year Tot. Time Price Ad Type

Chieftain PA-31-350 1974 17193 TT $130,000 For Sale
Broker: Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. Spec Updated: 05-05-2016
Serial: 31-7405131
Reg: C-FPDK New avionics installation 2015!
Chieftain PA-31-350 1975 7313 TT $169,000 For Sale
Broker: R2 Aviation Corp Spec Updated: 03-01-2016
Serial: 31-7552005
Reg: C-FVHJ Trade for C172S plus cash.
Chieftain PA-31-350 1979 9440 TT $199,000 For Sale
Broker: AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales of Chicago Spec Updated: 07-25-2014
Serial: 31-7952248
Reg: 469CA Dual 430´s - No Damage - Great Logs
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Navajo PA-31P 1977 4351 TT $150,000 For Sale
Broker: Aircraft Canada Spec Updated: 04-26-2016
Serial: 31P-7730011
Reg: C-FMEA Pressurized Navajo, Zero Time Props.
Navajo PA-31-310 1978 9914 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Hopkinson Aircraft Sales Spec Updated: 04-22-2016
Serial: 31-7812106
Reg: C-GNAC S-TEC ST-751 Autopilot
Navajo PA-31-350 1979 12360 TT $279,000 For Sale
Broker: Lone Mountain Aircraft Spec Updated: 04-20-2016
Serial: 31-7952243
Reg: 341CA Colemill Panther Conversion
Navajo PA-31-350 1982 4704 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Hopkinson Aircraft Sales Spec Updated: 04-20-2016
Serial: 31-8252013
Reg: C-FNGV Garmin 530 WAAS with Nav/Com/GPS
Navajo PA-31-310C 1981 9136 TT $256,015 For Sale
Broker: Aircraft Canada Spec Updated: 04-06-2016
Serial: 31-8112063
Reg: C-GSAZ Survey Camera Hatch installed May 2015
Navajo PA-31-350 1979 15995 TT $180,000 For Sale
Broker: Aircraft Canada Spec Updated: 12-17-2015
Serial: 31-7952109
Reg: C-GCJH Certified Flight into Known Icing
Navajo PA-31-310C 1977 1950 TT $230,000 For Sale
Broker: RG Aircraft ltda Spec Updated: 10-16-2015
Serial: 31-7712018
Reg: CC-PEB lowest time in the world, original hrs.
Navajo PA-31-350 1979 14210 TT Make Offer For Sale
Broker: Aircraft Canada Spec Updated: 06-29-2015
Serial: 31-7952240
Reg: C-GJNH Crew Door and Cargo Door mods! No Damage History!



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