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BrokerContactCountryState/RegionBusiness Phone 
K-AirSalesIndia +91-4844 035 020Email
K-aircraft, Jets and PropsKlaus KuehlGermany +49 8232 958011Email
KaiserAir, Inc.Otto WrightUnited StatesCA510-569-9622Email
Karlsson Aviation, LLCMats KarlssonUnited StatesSC803-223-9376Email
KBA International, Inc.Phil KoszarekUnited StatesNM228-229-7700Email
Kelmar AviationKelmar AviationUnited StatesAZ928-830-7626Email
Keystone AviationMike ParkerUnited StatesUT801-933-7509Email
Kraemer Aviation ServicesHarry KraemerUnited StatesMD301-520-2109Email

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