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I’m interested in attending the demonstrations – this is the future of aviation. - 20%

Aviation gatherings like these for pilots that understand the thrill of being in the air – not by remote control. - 18%

This doesn't interest me. - 22%

Hate it – drones are going to take our jobs in the future. - 20%

I’m interested in learning how to pilot one myself. - 16%
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View thousands of aircraft for sale. Scroll through images and compare specifications side by side. Piston aircraft, jets, turbo props, commercial planes, helicopters, light sport READ MORE >>
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Find links to aviation companies, from flight schools to flight departments, maintenance companies and charter services on the largest search engine in the aviation world.
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Rely on our FBO fuel prices, the most up to date on the Internet, to find the best 100LL and Jet A prices. Search for weather, FAA data, runway lengths and approach information.
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Upcoming Aviation Events
April 7
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Caribbean Air Rally
April 8
Los Angeles, CA

Aerospace Manufacturing Conference
April 10
DeFuniak Springs, FL

Fifth Annual Marvel of Flight
April 10
Llano, TX

2nd Annual Texas STOL Roundup
April 11
Calgary, AB

Calgary Careers in Aviation Expo
April 11
Beaufort, SC

MCAS Beaufort Airshow
April 14
Miami Beach, FL

MRO Americas
April 14

ABACE 2015
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March Poll

AirVenture just announced that there will be unmanned flight demonstrations (aka drones) in Oshkosh this year. How do you feel about this?

  • I fly for a living

    On weekends / Whenever I can

    I hope I'm lucky enough

    No flying for me

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Aircraft Title Services
Choose from a variety of Aircraft Title services through our simple online forms!

Aircraft Title Services we offer:

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What is A.Buyer? A.Buyer is an advanced research tool used to locate aircraft with a specific range of requirements. There is no other tool on the Internet that gives you the capabilities that A.Buyer does! You are able to search by aircraft type, total time, year, price, or any combination of these.
  Lowest Current Fuel Prices
Lowest 100LL Fuel Prices
Philipsburg, AN TNCM INDEPENDENT $2.75 FS
Apopka, FL X04 AVFUEL $3.29 SS
Palatka, FL 28J SHELL $3.37 SS
St Augustine, FL SGJ SHELL $3.39 SS
El Reno, OK RQO EPIC $3.40 SS
Zephyrhills, FL ZPH SHELL $3.40 SS
Keystone Heights, FL 42J SHELL $3.45 SS
Palm Coast, FL FIN SHELL $3.48 SS
Henderson, TX RFI AVFUEL $3.49 SS

Lowest JetA Fuel Prices
Oklahoma City, OK HSD AVFUEL $2.47 FS
Dumas, TX DUX EPIC $2.55 FS
Murrieta/Temecula, CA F70 EPIC $2.60 FS
Philipsburg, AN TNCM SHELL $2.61 FS
Philipsburg, AN TNCM INDEPENDENT $2.70 FS
Aguadilla, PR BQN INDEPENDENT $2.75 FS
Denton, TX DTO ASCENT $2.80 FS
Wellington, KS EGT AVFUEL $2.80 FS
Borger, TX BGD PHILLIPS 66 $2.80 FS
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