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Artex Aircraft Supplies, Inc.

Aircraft accessories manufacturers resource for companies that manufacturer accessories for commercial, light sport, piston and corporate aircraft.

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  • Real Gaskets Tennessee - Elizabethton, TN (0A9) - Manufacturers of silicone rubber Oil filler, pushrod tube seal kit and many more gaskets for Continental & Lycoming horizontal and radial aircraft engines.
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  • A & C Products - San Antonio, TX (SAT) - Manufacturer of custom pleated window shades for executive aircraft.
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  • Actron Manufacturing, Inc - Corona, CA - Actron has become the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of quality aerospace and marine hardware. Products include and are not limited to latches, retainers, door bolting systems, coat hooks, strikes, and steel, stainless steel, and aluminum slides.
  • Adams Rite Aerospace - Fullerton, CA - Designs, manufacturers and supports high-quality, innovative solutions. Out team of professionals is committed to providing solutions that meet customer requirements and optimize performance. Specialty areas include interior and exterior hardware, fluid handling products, and cockpit controls.
  • Aerial View Systems, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA - Airborne video cameras for pilots and passengers. Entertainment glare shield cameras with Auto-Zoom and Auto-Tilt features provide passengers with a pilot’s eye view, adding an exciting new dimension to their flight. SuperVision ® custom- conforming tail, gear-door, and winglet cameras provide pilots with aircraft observations. AVS has received a patent for their new pan, tilt and zoom belly dome camera.
  • Aerocet, Inc. - Priest River, ID - We are floatplane people with a tremendous background in composite aircraft structures and have utilized that knowledge to produce a composite float, which has exceptional value and the qualities that the industry has sought after for many years.
  • Aerosup Inc - Los Angeles, CA (VNY) - Aerosup offers a wide range of supply chain related aerospace products and services for the global air transport industry.
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  • Aero-Tow, LLC - Lake Mills, MI
  • Air Data - Montreal, Canada - Aircraft Cabin Air Quality is ensured with JetAir technological solutions. Bio-protection, Dual-Flow Ventilation and Humidification systems provide quality fresh air for health, comfort and safety.
  • Aircraft Belts, Inc. - Kemah, TX (EFD) - Aircraft Belts offers one of the widest ranges of products and services in the aviation safety restraint industry.
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  • Aircraft Lighting International - West Babylon, NY - Aircraft Lighting International (ALI) is a FAA-PMA approved manufacturer of replacement fluorescent lamps. ALI's aircraft interior lighting systems are TSO authorized.
  • AKG Aviation - Vienna, Austria - AKG has been a leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones, and sound system products for more than sixty-five years. The AV100 features class leading hybrid active cancelling to cut out cockpit noise on every flight.
  • AMETEK Rotron - Woodstock, NY (20N) - our AC and Brushless DC Fans and Blowers and Cooling Systems have successfully supported some of the most stringent Military and Aerospace vehicles, programs and installations for over 60 years. Our products are specifically designed to operate in harsh environments, while delivering effective, efficient and highly reliable cooling solutions.
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  • Amphenol Canada - Toronto, Canada (D80) - Amphenol systems attachments and interconnect solutions power very light jets, business or regional jets as well as large Commmercial Aircraft.
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  • Arconics - Dublin, Ireland - We create technology that allows airlines to import complex XML documents from aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus, modify them to meet their own operational needs, and deliver them to pilots and crew over a web, mobile, tablets, and EFBs on the flight deck.
  • Artex Aircraft Supplies, Inc. - Aurora, OR (UAO) - Artex Aircraft Supplies Incorporated manufactures a wide array of ELTs (Emergency Locator Transmitters) for General, Corporate, Military, and Commercial Aviation.
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  • Avion Partners, Inc. - Bellevue, WA - Avion Partners provides fully digital CMS/IFE solutions for business aircraft with special emphasis on light weight systems for mid/light aircraft.
  • B.A.S. Aircraft Safety Equipment and Accessories - Eatonville, WA - Interita Reel Shoulder Harness/ Lap Belt System, Tail Pull Handles, and Fold-up Rear seats for Cessna 170-185
  • B/E Aerospace - Wellington, FL (PBI) - We are the world's leading manufacturer of cabin interior products for commercial airlines and general aviation aircraft.
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  • Baker Electronics - Sarasota, FL - We serve the world's most discerning customers with in-flight audio, video, and cabin management systems, liquid crystal display (LCD) technology integration, and other customized solutions to meet specific entertainment and communications needs.
  • Barrett Communications USA LLC - Rochester, NY (ROC) - Barrett Communications designs, manufactures and markets HF and VHF radio equipment for specialised, autonomous, long distance radio communications.
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  • BE Aerospace - Wellington, FL - leading manufacturer of cabin interior products for commercial passenger aircraft and business/VIP jets
  • Better Engineering - Baltimore, MD (BWI) - Better Engineering manufactures parts washing systems designed to clean jet engine assemblies, rotors, stators, fan blades, HPT blades, vanes, casings, landing gear, wheels, brakes, APU's and more.
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  • Bogert Aviation - Pasco, WA
  • Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. - Ridgefield, CT - For over 40 years Brandstrom Instruments has designed and manufactured Self-Restoring, Momentary Rotary Solenoid actuated Advanced Optical Shutters, Aircraft Instrumentation, and Aircraft indicators.

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