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The Airports directory contains listings for international airports, airports in the United States, airport consulting companies, and ground equipment companies.

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  • iCARE Ltd - ORLY, France - Robust Safety Management (SMS) software compliant with the ICAO SMS framework, FAA, EASA, Transport Canada rules. Your safety database is located on your local network (Client / Server application) for the best ever data privacy, security and ease of use (productivity).
  • Alifabs Design & Construction, Ltd. - Guildford, United Kingdom - Founded in 1957, Alifabs specialises in the definition, production and supply of products and services to support the implementation of local and national infrastructure for government, travel and communications networks.
  • Armstrong Consultants, Inc. - Grand Junction, CO (GJT) - Armstrong Consultants, Inc. is an airport-exclusive professional consulting firm. We specialize in airport planning, engineering, and construction administration services.
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  • Consult Aero - Nambour, Australia - provides specialist aviation consulting services to airports, air navigation service providers, airlines & civil aviation authorities, managing projects & advising on airport operations.
  • Dinter Engineering Company - Reno, NV (RNO) - Scope of Engineering Services: Runway & Taxiway Lighting - Guidance Lighting - Apron Lighting - Helipad Lighting - NAVAIDS (PAPI, REIL, ILS, MALSR, ALSF, Wind Cones) - Airfield Lighting Control Systems - (ALCMS, CALCS) - Low Visibility Lighting & Control (SMGCS) - AWOS & ASOS - and many more.
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  • EAM Airport Advertising - Los Angeles, CA - EAM helps connect marketers with millions of people who move through worldwide airports on a daily basis. Innovative airport media formats are available to place brand messaging in airports.
  • Global Aviation Infrastructure, LLC - Mount Pleasant, SC (LRO) - GAI is a leading aviation management firm which provides FBO, MRO, Aircraft Management (ACM),and aviation infrastructure management for corporations, private equity firms, family offices and owners.
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  • Raxar Technology Corporation - Tampa, FL (TPA) - The GRAiT System by Raxar integrates mobile technology, smart sensors, and your airport's information instantly from a smart device, anywhere, anytime; maintain your facilities, Part 139 and more.
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