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The Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Directory list facilities which can provide supplies, maintenance, independent completion and refurbishment, repair, and overhaul for different commercial and specialized aircraft.

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  • Dugan Air Industries - Bellevue, WA - Manufacturers of 727 Noise Reduction Aircraft Equipment
  • AAR Corp - Wood Dale, IL (ORD) - premier supplier of products and services to the worldwide aviation/aerospace industry.
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  • Aero Sky - San Antonio, TX (SAT) - Aero Sky is a licensed FAA Part 145 Repair Station located in San Antonio, Texas specializing in routine and heavy maintenance for both corporate and scheduled airlines. We have the capabilities to fully service B727/737, BBJ and DC9/MD80 aircraft with special emphasis on interior refurbishments, heavy letter check maintenance, incorporation of STC’s, and special modifications.
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  • Aeromaritime, Inc. AAI - Mesa, AZ (FFZ) - Is a Rolls-Royce Authorized Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Center, AMROC, for the entire 250 Series of Turbine Engines, both helicopter and fixed wing. Formed in Mesa, Arizona in 2003, AAI continues to grow each year in the US and has received numerous Awards for Customer Satisfaction and Service in the Industry.
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  • Airline Maintenance Service - Nashville, TN (BNA) - Airline Maintenance Service is a Nashville Tennessee based corporation dedicated to providing quality service to the aviation industry. AMS provides maintenance services to air carriers in Nashville.
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  • Alpha Omega Jet Services - Sulphur Springs, TX - Independent Refurbishment Phone: (903) 438-9922
  • Aviation Repair Technologies - Blytheville, AR (BYH) - Turboprop (ATR, Dash 8) and regional jet (ERJ, CRJ) aviation maintenance/repair: heavy aircraft maintenance, line maintenance, aircraft storage, aircraft disassembly, and aircraft engine disassembly.
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  • Bigorre Aerospace Corporation - Pinellas Park, FL (PIE) - FAA approved repair station and exclusive representative in North America of S.E.L.A. Aircraft Cockpit and Cabin Lighting Systems
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  • Contego Systems Deicing Solutions - Newark, NJ (EWR) - Contego System provides complete aircraft deicing and anti-icing services as well as glycol recovery systems for airlines and airports across the United States.
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  • Engineering Holding - Moscow, Russia - Engineering Holding, a leading MRO provider on the Russian market, delivers a wide variety of base and line maintenance, repair, engineering and manufacturing services for major aircraft types.
  • Fields Airmotive - Germiston, South Africa - RR Dart Overhaul, F27, G159, HS748, DC8 maintenance. Transport Canada, South Africa & Kenya & DRC. CAA approvals
  • Lufthansa Technik - Hamburg, Germany - Independent completion and refurbishment, focus on airliner executive/VIP conversion. Phone: +49 405-070-5553
  • SR Technics - Zurich, Switzerland - independent completion and refurbishment Phone: +41 43-812-1717
  • Stambaugh Aviation - Brunswick, GA - one of the largest independent Commercial Jet Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Overhaul and Aircraft Storage service providers in the United States.
  • Taeco Aerospace Company - Xiamen, China - Independent completion and refurbishment Phone: +86-592-573-7622
  • Talco Aviation - San Antonio, TX - Independent completion and refurbishment Phone: (210) 319-4371
  • The Nordam Group - Tulsa, OK (TUL) - Maufacture, repair & overhaul of aircraft bonded structures and brazed engine components.
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  • World Aviation Corp - Concord, Canada - World Aviation Corporation (WAC) is a proudly Canadian company capable of performing repairs of, and modifications to electrical generator subcomponents, used in both civil and military aircraft. The company specializes in the rewind and repair of rotary and static electrical (air and oil-cooled) generator sub-components. On account of our modern 20,000 square foot facility, with over 45 highly skilled technicians, technologically advanced equipment, and engineering capacity, our operations have been fully approved by DOT/FAA, JAA & DGAC-giving us worldwide recognition.


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