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  • Aero Acquiaitions, LLC - Danbury, CT (DXR) - Commercial Buyer and Seller of Aircraft -737-300/400 Pax to Cargo Conversions -Private Jet sales and Charter -ACMI/Dry Lease -Hajj Charters
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  • Air Exchange - Washington, DC (IAD) - Since 1982 provides representation and consulting service to airlines and aircraft owners worldwide for sale, lease, purchase, sale/leaseback of commercial aircraft and jet engines.
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  • Alltime Aviation Ltd - Limassol, Cyprus - What we have accomplished in the last four years, and our successful growth is due to the in-depth experience we have in airline operations. Aircraft Leasing and Charter Airline and Airport Services
  • Apollo Aviation Services - Miami, FL (MIA) - acquires, markets, and moves commerical jet aircraft and engines on a contract basis for leading airlines, banks, aircraft owners, and operating lessors.
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  • BLAC (Bertrand Lattes Aviation Consult) - Port Louis, France - BLAC (Bertrand Lattes Aviation Consult)is specialized in aeronautical advisory, aircraft trade and brokerage.
  • Fly With Me Jets - Christchurch, United Kingdom - Make Fly With Me Jets your first and final solution when searching for your aircraft. In addition to our Listed Aircraft for sale, our seasoned acquisition professionals can work with you to locate the perfect aircraft for your mission structure, with no make or model too scarce.
  • kasPart consulting - Düsseldorf, Germany - In addition, we support our mandates worldwide discreet and reliable in the marketing and obtaining your aircraft, helicopters and the appropriate approvals, services and parts.
  • MAKRAT Ltd. - Sofia, Bulgaria - MAKRAT Ltd. is an All In One Service Provider to the Aviation Market with its headquarter in Sofia (BGR) and branches in Frankfurt / M. (GER), Düsseldorf (GER), London (ENG) and Valetta (MAL).
  • Michian Ltd - Gatwick, United Kingdom - Commercial and Corporate aircraft sales and leasing (wet and dry) company.
  • Orian Aviation Inc - Newport Beach, CA (SNA) - Orian Aviation understands the cultures and value of closing deals between East and West like no others. We provide unparalleled and unbiased services to global airlines to purchase or sell aircraft.
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  • PRISMA Aviation Services LLP - United Kingdom - Offers a broad range of commercial and technical skills to airlines, aircraft owners and airports. We are a professional, multi-skilled team with a proven track record in aircraft sales, aircraft evaluation, contract negotiation and business planning.
  • SkyQuest International, LLC - Winston-Salem, NC (INT) - A global aircraft sales, remarketing and acquisitions firm with appraisal services for operators, lenders, leasing companies, and asset management firms worldwide.
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  • TransGlobal Aviation Inc. - Oro Station, Canada - TransGlobal Aviation is a Canadian Aircraft dealer located in the greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada. We buy, sell, broker and lease quality used aircraft and helicopters for sale to a global market. Through our network of associated companies we also offer a full range of aviation services including aircraft appraisals, financing, maintenance, and consulting in Canada, United States and Internationally.    Aircraft For Sale


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