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The Aircraft Engine Directory lists facilities which specialize in aircraft engine maintenance, aircraft engine overhaul, aircraft engine repair, aircraft engine installations, aircraft engine modifications, aircraft engine machining.

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  • Maule Air, Inc. - Okmulgee, OK (MUL) - Overhaul facility for Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine engines and Pratt Radial Engines. We are a Pratt & Whitney approved Affiliate. We overhaul or repair these engines providing warranty, AOG support 24 hrs per day and parts to our worldwide base of customers.
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  • Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. - Fullerton, CA (FUL) - Specializing in aircraft: oil coolers, fuel heaters, valves, heat exchangers, condensers, and evaporators. Sales, service, and overhaul. Extensive inventory - WWII through current.
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  • A.I.C. Maintenance - Casselton, ND - Aileron Surface Repair, Complete Wing Assemblies, Complete Fuselage Assemblies, Surfaces are rebuilt using factory fixtures to factory dimensions, and never spliced or patched.
  • Aero Recip - Anchorage, AK - Aero Recip (Canada) Ltd. is Canada's largest piston engine overhaul facility and performs specialized top quality overhauls, repairs and exchanges for reciprocating aircraft engines and accessories. Aero Recip is Canada's major overhauler of Pratt & Whitney R985, R1340 and R1830 radial engines, PZL M18 engines and all models of Lycoming and Continental opposed engines, cylinders and related accessories. All engines meet Transport Canada, Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) approval.
  • Aero Sport Power - Kamloops, Canada - Canada - At Aero Sport Power we specialize in manufacturing new aircraft engines and overhauling specific models and accessories for Experimental Aircraft. We offer in-house non-destructive testing, cylinder overhaul and custom cylinder flow testing, camshaft grinding and accessory overhauls.
  • Aero-Dienst GmbH & Co. KG - Nuernberg, Germany - Our prime directive for maintenance, repair, overhaul is optimal care. Most modern equipment and check systems, speedy spares service and highly trained personnel take care, in the world's best sense.
  • Aerodyne Corp. - Stuart, FL (SUA) - Quality service and support for Pratt & Whitney PT-6, JT-15D, Honeywell TPE331, TFE731 and General Electric CJ610.
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  • Aeromeccanica SA - Switzerland - Switzerland
  • AeroMods, Inc. - Minden, NV
  • Aerospace Welding - Blainville, Canada - Leaders in the Economical Repair of Aircraft Engine Hot Section and Structural Components. Manufactures of Aircraft Mechanical Components, Subassemblies and Ground Support Equipment. The strong technical expertise of it's Metallurgical and Structural Engineering enables us to pursue the ongoing development of new repair designs with the approval of the OEM and government authorities.
  • Aerostock - Paris, France
  • Air Concepts Repair Technologies, Inc. - Rockwall, TX (DFW) - Located just east of Dallas, Texas, ACRT is a family owned small business that provides repairs to aircraft / aircraft engine components, and piece parts at our facility or on site.
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  • Air Plus Maintenance GmbH - Germany - We are able to service you with the following: Dealer ship for Cessna Aircraft Company, Maintenance station for Cessna Aircraft Company Piston only, Airframe and Systems of all others up to 20 T, Avionics Repair and Installation, Engines Repair and Hotsection for Pratt&Whitney and Honeywell (Garrett), Consulting, Spar parts support, and Aircraft sales
  • Air Power, Inc. - Arlington, TX (GKY) - Lycoming & Cont. Engine Sales
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  • Aircraft Cylinder Repair - Brighton, CO (EIK) - Aircraft Cylinder Repair has been involved in the repair and overhaul of aircraft engine cylinders since 1972.We have been at this location since 1976.Our company is certified to overhaul any model of :"OEM" cylinders manufactured by Teledyne Continental and AVCO Lycoming.
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  • Aircraft Engine & Accessory Co. - Dallas, TX - IRCRAFT ENGINE & ACCESSORY opened its doors in 1958 as an engine and accessory overhaul shop. We created alternatives to replacing major components while greatly reducing overhaul costs. Our experience enables us to focus on services which benefit you!
  • Aircraft Engine Specialists - Chandler, AZ - SPECIALIZING IN: Superior Millennium Engines, Continental and Lycoming Engine Overhaul and Repair, and Cylinder Overhaul and Repair.
  • Aircraft Specialties Services - Tulsa, OK (TUL) - Aircraft Specialties Services is the industry leader for reconditioning and remachining key components of piston aircraft engines.
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  • Airforce Turbine Service - Tynan, TX - Airforce Turbine Service, Ltd. (ATS) is a full-service FAA approved PT6A overhaul facility with over 30 years of experience on all models of PT6A engines. Taking the time to get to know our customers, their operation, and the environment in which they run their aircraft are the keys to providing repair, overhaul, and modification services designed to keep operating costs down and planes safely in the air. ATS operates out of our private runway service center located in Tynan, Texas, (near Corpus Christi) where we maintain a substantial inventory of major parts in addition to comprehensive on-site machine and test cell facilities. In addition to overhaul services, we are actively involved in the purchase, sale and trade of PT6A engines and encourage you to contact us if you are looking to buy or sell an engine. We take pride in delivering quality workmanship at a better price than the competition and want the opportunity to earn your business.
  • Airmark Components - Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) - Airmark Components is an independent repair station established in 1985 to provide a broad scope of overhaul services to operators of commercial, regional, corporate, and commuter aircraft worldwide.
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  • Airmark Overhaul, Inc. - Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) - Served the aviation industry since 1975 providing quality aircraft engine repairs and overhauls for Textron Lycoming and Teledyne Continental engines. We are an FAA Approved Repair Facility and also JAA Approved. We hold Powerplant, Accessory and Non-destructive testing (NDT) ratings. Our fully equipped state of the art shop has been the key to our success for providing the total engine overhaul package. Our dedication and commitment to quality can be matched by very few facilities. Since 1975 we have grown to a present production of over 300 engines per year. Our extensive inventory can meet whatever your parts, accessories, cylinders or engine needs might be.
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  • Airparts Company, Inc. - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL -
  • Airparts Network Ltd. - Canada - Canada - Distribution Company
  • America's Aircraft Engines - Tulsa, OK (TUL) - Since 1991, America's Aircraft Engines has been building ALL of it's Eagle Engines to the SAME EXACT STANDARDS. Be it Overhaul, Case Repair, or Prop Strike Inspection, it's one engine one mechanic.
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  • Anglo Normandy Aeroengineering Limited - United Kingdom - United Kigdom - Anglo Normandy Aeroengineering Limited (ANAE) is an aircraft maintenance and repair facility based in Guernsey, British Channel Islands. It carries out maintenance and repair of regional aircraft worldwide, primarily on the ATR42 and ATR72, Saab 340A and Saab 340B, Shorts SD 360, DHC-6 Twin Otter and DHC-7, BN Islander and Trislander.

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