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aircraft engine manufacturers resource for companies that manufacturer engines for aircraft in high performance, racing, experimental, turbojet, turbo prop, and piston aircraft

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  • Axiam, Inc. - Gloucester, MA (BVY) - Axiam offers the only repeatable, computer-driven engine assembly process solutions available in the marketplace today. Axiam's assembly processes can be configured for any speed component assembly used in engine shops or at remote sites.
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  • Continental Motors, Inc. - Mobile, AL (BFM) - TCM has a 100 year history of innovation in the design, development, certification, and production of piston engine products.
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  • Eggenfellner Aircraft Inc. - Edgewater, FL
  • Franklin Aircraft Engines - Grudzi¹dz, Poland - Manufacter of aircraft engines.
  • Performance Engines Inc. - La Verne, CA - We are the leaders in the field of high performance aircraft engines. Our superior quality, performance and durability are a few reasons the aerobatics and pylon racing champions turn to us for their powerplants.
  • Rotec Engineering Pty Ltd - Mordialloc, Australia - Rotec Engineering PTY LTD is a young, innovative Australian company, established in the year 2000 though it can be argued that the the seed was sown fifteen to twenty years beforehand.
  • The New Firewall Forward - Loveland, CO - The New Firewall Forward engines are a superior choice for your next engine.
  • Vesta Inc. - Pittstown, NJ - Vesta Inc. develops auto engines, PSRU, and propellers for experimental aircraf.
  • Walter Engines - West Helena, AR - Walter has been in business since 1911, manufacturing aircraft engines since 1923. More than 37.000 piston, turbojet and turboprop engines have been produced by Walter.


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