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Aircraft Maintenance: Equipment

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The Aircraft Maintenance Equipment Directory

lists companies which specialize in the manufacture or sales of engine vibration diagnostics, magnet processing equipment, aircraft repair tools, aircraft equipment, control equipment, ground support equipment, and aircraft test equipment.

Equipment Listings 1 through 25 of 78...

  • Aces Systems - Knoxville, TN (TYS) - ACES Systems' vibrant aviation diagnostic instruments are recognized worldwide by users and manufacturers as easy-to-use, versatile, and affordable. Aviation maintenance tasks such as propeller balancing, rotor track and balance, fan trim balancing, engine performance monitoring, vibration analysis, and acoustic analysis become virtually effortless with ACES Systems.
    Closest airport
  • Aero Specialties, Inc. - Boise, ID - Full line manufacturer/distributor of ground support equipment for GA, corporate, airlines, and airfreight
  • Aerotecs - Lummen, Belgium - Aerotecs is the European distributor of the best tools- and testing solutions for aircraft maintenance and runs a service repair- and calibration center to keep your inspection equipment calibrated.
  • Air Capitol Dial Inc. - Wichita, KS - We take pride in our work. Quick turn time is our priority. Normal turn time on a job is 5-7 days. AOG response available.
  • Aircraft Components Inc. - Safety Harbor, FL (PIE) - Manufactures equipment for general aviation aircraft that makes flying safer.
    Closest airport
  • Aircraft Dynamics Corporation - Lima, OH (AOH) - precision industrial battery powered robotools, robolights, accessories and specialty products
    Closest airport
  • Aircraft Tool Supply Company - Oscoda, MI (OSC) - Sheet metal tools, engine tools, timerite.
    Closest airport
  • Aqua Comminications, Inc. - Waltham, MA - Manufacturer of SnakeEye, a hand-held video diagnostic tool
  • Av-DEC - Fort Worth, TX - Av-DEC, (Aviation Devices and Electronic Components, L.L.C.) based in Fort Worth, Texas, providing innovative sealing solutions for corrosion prevention.
  • Avery Tools - Fort Worth, TX - quality aircraft tools - same day shipping
  • AvionTEq - Van Nuys, CA - AvionTEq offers a wide range of bench and ramp avionics test equipment such as Pitot Static/Air Data (RVSM), NAV/COMM, DME/Mode S Transponder, Radar and TCAS test equipment. Buy and Sell new and used.
  • Avtron Aerospace - Cleveland, OH (BKL) - Since 1953, Avtron has been developing innovative test technology to support the needs of aircraft manufacturers, component OEMs, and MRO facilities worldwide. We are the preferred provider of generator and hydraulic test systems, automatic test equipment for electronics, ground support equipment, aircraft load banks, and custom test solutions used to test aircraft flight components.
    Closest airport
  • Bad Dog Tools - Bristol, RI - Bad Dog Tool strives to create the best quality, most unique and useful tools available backed by industry-best warranties and top-notch customer service support.
  • Barry Controls Aerospace - Burbank, CA (BUR) - the market leader of Engine and APU Vibration Isolation and Noise Attenuation systems used on aircraft throughout the world.
    Closest airport
  • Bates Field GPU - Odessa, TX (71TA) - Bates Field GPU Manufacturer of Aircraft GPU's including Engine powered, Hangar Powered, and Hybrid type of units. Many prefer our superior method of manufacturing because of the smaller size and lower cost.
    Closest airport
  • Bicotest Limited - Herts, United Kingdom - High precision cable fault location instruments for aircraft wiring, electrical and communications cables.
  • Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co. - Oklahoma City, OK (OKC) - Worldwide suplier of aircraft tooling used in the repair and assembly of sheet metal and composite aircraft structures. Master distributor of Sioux Tools, Dotco, Chicago Pneumatic,& Ingersoll-Rand.
    Closest airport
  • Cannon Load Banks, Inc. - Palmetto, GA - Manufacturer and Sales of portable Load Banks under 60LBS for testing AC & DC Ground power units
  • Cardinal Electronics, Inc. - Arlington Heights, IL (SPI) - with over 25 years experience repairing and calibrating Communication Test Equipment and Service Monitors, we are proud to call ourselves experts. We work on many brands including Cushman, Motorola, IFR, HP, Wavetek, Ramsey and Helper.
    Closest airport
  • CAV Ice Protection - New Century, KS (IXD) - CAV Ice Protection is a global aerospace supplier of airborne ice protection systems for civilian, commercial and military aircraft. The company specializes in the design, consulting and certification services and manufacture of aviation ice protection systems.
    Closest airport
  • Cobra Systems, Inc. - Arlington Heights, IL - Cobra Systems Inc. is a proud manufacture of American made products for the testing of Pitot/static equipment across all segments of the aviation industry. Since our inception in 2002 we have been dedicated to constant improvement in the manufacturing for Pitot/static test equipment.
  • Design Logic Inc - St Paul, MN (STP) - First introduced at the Oshkosh Air Show in 1993 (under the name Symtec Inc.), our engine pre-heaters are designed to reduce engine wear during cold startups. In this website you will find information on the benefits of preheating, the benefits and specifications of the Design Logic Pre-heater, lay and expert testimonials, and much more. We thank you for your interest in the Design Logic pre-heater, and hope you will join our family of satisfied customers.
    Closest airport
  • Dynamic Solutions Systems, Inc. - Vista, CA - develop and produce low-cost and high-performance vibration analysis and balancing equipment for the Aviation Industry.
  • EARMARK - Hamden, CT (HVN) - EARMARK has designed and manufactured durable wireless hands free communication systems for over 40 years supporting all aspects of the aviation industry including commercial, private and military. EARMARK is renowned for its rugged, reliable, yet easy to use products. Our commitment to understand the challenges facing teams on the flight-line have allowed us to develop systems that have the range and flexibility needed to perform in the most demanding environments resulting in more flight time for your aircraft.
    Closest airport
  • Fokker Services - nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands - Independent refurbishment Phone: +31-252-627-000

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