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Fractional jets or aircraft owners buy a “share” of an airplane, rather than an entire plane. The price is pro-rated from the market price of a full aircraft. Owners then have guaranteed access, 50–400 hours annually depending on share size, to that plane with as little as four hours’ notice. Fractional ownership pays a monthly maintenance fee and an “occupied” hourly operating fee.

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  • Avantair, Inc - Clearwater, FL (PIE) - Exclusive fractional provider of the Piaggio Avanti P-180.
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  • Executive Airshare - Kansas City, KS - Executive AirShare offers fractional ownership, share leasing and equity-building jet card programs that meet the needs of the business and leisure traveler.
  • Flexjet - Richardson, TX (ADS) - We understand your travel needs require solutions made for you and you alone. Designed to offer a variety of exclusive service benefits, our personalized programs offer you the flexibility to alter the details of your ownership program according to your specific needs.
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  • Flight Options, LLC. - Richmond Hts, OH (CGF) - Flight Options Fractional Jet Ownership Programs provide industry-leading value, performance and service.
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  • NetJets - Woodbridge, NJ - Fractional Jet Ownership
  • Sikorsky Shares - Wappingers Falls, NY (POU) - Sikorsky Shares is a fractional helicopter program providing world class service with 100% guaranteed availability. Our large fleet of helicopters services the Northeast corridor.
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