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Helicopter manufacturers resource for companies that manufacturer helicopter engines and parts, as well as design, production, and support for military and civilian helicopter models.

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  • Agusta Aerospace Corporation - Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
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  • Agusta Westland - Philadelphia, PA - 3050 Red Loin Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114. Phone: (215) 281-1400.
  • American Eurocopter - Grand Prairie, TX (GPM) - Eurocopter has been responding to the diverse needs of helicopter operators for some time. In fact, we were one of the first on the scene during the beginning of the modern helicopter industry and are still an integral part of this dynamic movement today.
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  • Azimuth AeroMaintenance Inc. - Quebec, Canada - Through our combined technology expertise into aircraft and helicopter maintenance, avionics install dept. and repair, and worldwide spare parts sale dept., we are the team you need!
  • Bell Helicopter - Fort Worth, TX (AFW)
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  • Bell Helicopter Textron - Hurst, TX - 600 E. Hurst Blvd. (hwy. 10) Hurst, TX 76053 Phone: (817) 280-2011
  • DB Aerocopter Ltd - Poltava, Ukraine - Aerocopter AK1-3 Helicopter is an amazing lightweight helicopter that has been designed and built by DB Aerocopter company in cooperation with worldwide famous aircraft plants.    Aircraft For Sale
  • Enstrom Helicopter Corporation - Menominee, MI (MNM) - a privately owned company dedicated to the design, production, and support of light piston-powered and turbine-powered helicopters.
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  • Hiller Aircraft Corporation - Marina, CA (MRY) - Has manufactured over 3,000 helicopters for civil, military and government customers throughout the world.
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  • Kaman Aerospace Corp. - Bloomfield, CT (4B9) - One of the world's foremost helicopter manufacturers and also a major sub-contractor, but we are not limited to that.
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  • MD Helicopters - Mesa, AZ - 4555 E. McDowell Road, Mesa, Arizona 85215 Phone: (480) 346-6344
  • NHI Industries - France
  • Robinson Helicopter - Torrance, CA - Robinson Helicopter employs approximately 1000 employees and is currently the world's leading manufacturer of civil helicopters.
  • Rotorway International - Chandler, AZ (P19) - A comprehensive site on the Exec 162F, a two-place experimental category helicopter.
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  • Safari Helicopter Kit - Marianna, FL (MAI) - Made in America, powered by a Lycoming aircraft engine! How many people do you know who own their own helicopter, custom built exactly the way they want it? Choose from over 150 paint colors, 50 colors of luxury leather, and an avionics package to travel the world.
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  • Scout Aero - Coatesville, PA - We created the new helicopter Scout you have a chance to make new adventures for yourself. Scout has a really big and comfortable cockpit where 3 people can make themselves comfortable.
  • Sikorsky - Boston, MA (BOS) - A subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation , is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced helicopters for commercial, industrial and military uses.
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  • Sikorsky - Stratford, CT - 6900 Main St., Stratord Connecticut 06614 Phone: (800) 946-4337


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