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Aircraft Maintenance: International Paint & Interior

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Directories >> Aircraft Maintenance >> Paint & Interior >> International Paint & Interior

The Aircraft International Paint & Interior Directory lists facilities which specialize in custom paint both inside and out of an aircraft, as well as custom interior refurbishment, overall, and design for all your interior aircraft needs.

International Paint & Interior Listings 1 through 12 of 12...

  • ACH Aircraft Interiors - Poitiers, France - With a 2000 SQM workshop, specialised in the design and fitting on interiors for all types of aircraft, ACH works with their innate sense of style and with a wide variety of high quality materials. With a perfect control of the production process, ACH draws on expertise in leatherwork to male comfort an absolute priority. A wide experience in fitting-out business jets drive their daily search for the highest levels of quality and unique creation is developed through each project. Inspired by a timeless elegance and well-being, ACH creates shapes and volumes to harmonise with existing design and decoration of aircraft interiors. At the final stage, the product is the result of a complete understanding of the costumer’s needs by the company.
  • Bell Bespoke Interiors - Mansfield, United Kingdom - They are equipped with new technology and state-of-the-materials at their purpose-designed manufacturing facility in the East Midlands. Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited's fresh, innovative approach is valued by an ever-growing number of significant clients - including British Aerospace, Raytheon and Marshall Aerospace - on aircraft ranging in size from the Hawker 125 to the Boeing 747SP.
  • Burnet Aircraft Interiors - Geneva, Switzerland - Woodworker by trade and fascinated by the conquest of the air, Jacques Burnet created Burnet Interiors so that he could dedicate himself to the design of prestigious aircraft interiors. This was the year 1966 and the beginning of business air travel.
  • Delta Interior Design - Sirone, Italy - Itlian company specializing in business aircraft interior design and refurbishment. DOA and EASA Part 145 approvals.
  • Envision Aviation - Savannah, GA - Envision Aviation is a custom designer and producer of specialized paint projects for all private and commercial jets, helicopters, yachts and more.
  • Flying Colours Corp. - Peterborough, Canada - With our state-of-the-art facilities, we can offer you the very best in up-to-date refinishing procedures.
  • Greenpoint Technologies - Kirkland, WA - Offering complete turn key interiors and interior modifications. Complete in-house certification capabilities enable Greenpoint to act as a focal for all data approvals and submittals to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • Hamilton Aero Maintenance Ltd - Hamilton, New Zealand - Has established a world-wide reputation for offering the finest in aircraft refurbishment: providing premium custom paint, interior refurbishment and modifications for private and business aircraft of all types and sizes.
  • Interiors by Brazil - McGregor, TX - Independent refurbishment Phone: (254) 848-4980
  • JCB Aero - Auch, France - Independent completion and refurbishment Phone: +33-5-62-07-7171
  • Kvand Aircraft Interiors - Moscow, Russia - KVAND is the largest aircraft interior producer in CIS countries, and holds a leading position on the market aircraft components design and production. The company implements European quality standards, and pursues programs aimed at the development and certification of aircraft cabin components.
  • Prestige Cabin Interiors Consulting - Burrill Lake, Australia - Providing you with the specialist representation for all fields of your VVIP aircraft interior completion and maintenance requirements.


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