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The Light Sport Aircraft Directory lists facilities which specialize in light sport aviation welding, light sport airframe fabrication , light sport repairs and alterations, light sport fixed wing refurbishment, light sport annual inspections, light sport aircraft maintenance

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  • East Coast Aviation Service, Inc. - Stuart, FL (SUA) - CIRRUS-Beech-Cessna-Piper-Piston Singles & Twins CIRRUS Factory Authorized Service Center Cirrus SR-Series AvMx Certified 50/100 Hour Annual Inspections Major Repairs and Alterations
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  • Giotto's Aircraft Interiors - San Jose, CA - Helicopter and fixed wing refurbishment Phone: (408) 799-9095
  • Guardian Aerospace - Vanderhoof, Canada - Guardian Aerospace offers Annual Inspections, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Structural Repair, Welding and Fabricating for your airplane.
  • Parker Aeronautics - Robstown, TX - We repair, modify, restore Cessna, Piper and Mooney aircraft. annual and 100 hour Inspections.


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