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  • Pilot Getaways - Glendale, CA - Pilot Getaways is the bimonthly travel magazine for pilots and their families. We focus on having fun with your airplane at destinations from backcountry strips to exclusive fly-in resorts.
  • Aerlines Magazine - Netherlands - International aviation magazine for students and professionals of aviation.
  • Aero International - Hamburg, Germany - Aero International is the leading magazine for the Commercial & Business Aviation Community in the German-speaking countries of Europe. The monthly publication has an audited paid circulation of almost 30,000 and is NBAA member since 1999.
  • Aeroplane - Haywards Heath, United Kingdom - In-depth historical features. Preservation news, Unrivalled photographic quality.
  • Aeropodium - London, United Kingdom - AeroPodium is the podium for all aviation professionals! We organise and manage conference projects, legal aviation workshops and training courses. We also offer consulting and recruitment services.
  • African Pilot - Centurion, South Africa - Serious about flying, a magazine for the aviation enthusiast, pilot, plane owner, aircraft engineer or lover of airborne photography, aerobatics or aerobatic images.
  • Air Maintenance Update - Richmond, Canada - Air Maintenance Update is the magazine for aircraft maintenance professionals.
  • Aircraft Bluebook - Price Digest - Overland Park, KS - Aircraft Bluebook -- Price Digest provides comprehensive and accurate aircraft valuation and specification information for over 3000 model years. Available in print or CD format.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine - Fort Atkinson, WI - Aircraft Maintenance Technology provides over 41,000 maintenance professionals worldwide with a curriculum of technical, managerial, and professional development information that enables them to more efficiently and effectively perform their jobs. AMT is the leading Aircraft Maintenance Publication addressing all segments of the aircraft maintenance community.
  • Airmaintenace Update - Richmond, Canada - Fixed and Rotory wing maintenance issues and articles.
  • Airport Business - Fort Atkinson, WI - Airport Business is the leading publication of how-to information for managers of airports and airport-based businesses. Management, finance and funding, regulations, community relations, sales and marketing, operations maintenance, security, fuel and ground services are all presented in an innovative, case-study format.
  • AJ Publications - Jupiter, FL - AJ Publications publishes high end aviation magazines for world wide distribution. The magazines feature the best aviation writers and photographers covering safety, training and topics of general interest plus detailed discoveries of great new travel destinations.
  • anna.aero - Horley, United Kingdom - anna.aero provides the latest airport, airline news and analysis generated by airline network route planners for use in the aviation business worldwide.
  • AOPA Pilot Magazine - Frederick, MD - You must be an AOPA member to subscribe to AOPA's Digital Editions
  • Aviation International News (AIN) - Midland Park, NJ - An Aviation magazine dedicated to Corporate, Regional, and Commerical Aviation av -magazines
  • Aviation Magazine - Rockville, MD (GAI) - the leading magazine for all things relating to Avionics in the world of aerospace.
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  • Aviation Today Magazine - Rockville, MD (GAI) - Aviation Today is the influential web site heavily visited by aviation industry insiders. The site offers analyses and daily news from a host of Access Intelligence-produced magazines and newsletters, in all aviation markets.
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  • AviationMagic.com - New Delhi, India - your online aviation destination. Find info regarding aviation news, updates, jobs, articles, videos.
  • BART International - Nivelles, Belgium - Our Publishing Group was established in 1972, and for the last 35 years, we have made it our mission to produce quality trade publications. Based in Brussels, the European Capital, BART International journalists have direct contact with senior officials from the European Commission, Eurocontrol and EASA. This easy access allows them to gather exclusive information not readily available to any other aviation magazine. BART International is an independent publication and the official publication for the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in May 2007. Our loyalty is to our readers to whom we give the straight scoop and vital information they can't find anywhere else.
  • D.O.M. Magazine - Fort Atkinson, WI - D.O.M. magazine is the ONLY publication dedicated exclusively to the business of aircraft maintenance. D.O.M. serves directors of maintenance, maintenance supervisors and lead mechanics.
  • Flight Rides - Sarasota, FL (SRQ) - Our goal is to provide you with reputable aviation companies that will take you on new and exciting journeys.
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  • FlightSmith - Columbus, IN (BAK) - FlightSmith is a General Aviation magazine with pictorals and products.
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  • Flying Magazine - New York, NY - Aviation news and information covering the latest events in aircraft development, avionics, accidents and all things pilot-related.
  • Hispaviación 2.0 - Madrid, Spain - Aviation magazine written by professionals for professionals
  • In Flight USA - San Mateo, CA - Aviation magazine covering news and stories regarding General Aviation

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