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Aircraft manufacturers resource for companies that manufacturer aircraft domestically and overseas such as Cessna, Glasair, Lancair, and more

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  • Experimental Aircraft Info - Capelle ad IJssel, Netherlands - A passion for aviation and for sharing knowledge on building and flying homebuilt, experimental aircraft and promoting safe flying along the way.
  • Cessna Aircraft Company - Wichita, KS (ICT)
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  • Comp Air Inc - Merritt Island, FL (COI) - omp Air LLC., manufactures kits for a complete family of all-composite kit-built airplanes, ranging in size from 2 to 11 seats, powered by engines from 65 to 1,800 hp, with cruise speeds ranging from 75 mph to 400 mph TAS.
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  • Glasair Aviation, LLC - Arlington, WA - Glasair Aviation: Committed to innovation, performance and customer service.
  • High Performance Aircraft, Inc. - El Cajon, CA (SEE) - High Performance Aircraft International has produced various types of kits in the last years and still produces high performance experimental aircraft.
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  • IAC Acoustics - Winchester, United Kingdom - IAC Acoustics supply aero acoustics test facilities to military aircraft operators, commercial aircraft operators, engine manufacturers and overhaul agents throughout the world.
  • Lancair International, Inc. - Redmond, OR - Today, there are more than 1,870 Lancairs sold in more than 34 countries, on 5 continents. Hundreds are flying with tens of thousand of flight hours logged. Lancair also enjoys one of the finest safety records in the industry.
  • Rutan Boomerang - San Luis Obispo, CA (SBP) - The Rutan Model 202 Boomerang is a one of a kind aircraft designed and built by Burt Rutan. It was made to be less vulnerable to single engine failure, which gives it a peculiar asymmetric shape.
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  • ShadowAir Ltd. Airborne ISR Solutions - Superior, CO - ShadowAir Ltd. focused on providing state-of-the-art leasing, sales, consulting and operational services regarding airborne Image Defined Measurement and Signature Intelligence (IDMASINT) & Intelligence/ Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms.
  • ZLIN AIRCRAFT - Otrokovice, Czech Republic - Production of globally-acclaimed training, aerobatic, and multipurpose ZLIN brand aircrafts for civil and military sectors.


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