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Social media sites and blogs that are important to the aviation community.

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  • Aviation Photography Digest - Mesa, AZ (IWA) - An online magazine dedicated to delivering the aircraft, sites, and stories related to aviation and aviation photography. We cover military, commercial, civil, and general aviation.
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  • Disciples of Flight - Incline Village, NV (TRK) - We believe that by sharing personal experiences we gain insight and become better pilots. So we created this website where students, seasoned pilots, and everyone in-between can share their experience.
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  • Globalair.com Aviation Blog - Louisville, KY (LOU) - Blog regarding current aviation issues revoling around general aviation services, products and companies
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  • a mile of runway will take you anywhere - Dayton, OH (40I) - Chronicles of my flying adventures along with random thoughts, stories, and things I want to share with the world.
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  • Aerobatic Teams website - Vtarnovo, Bulgaria - Aerobatic teams fans who want to create the most comprehensive and interesting site featuring aerobatic teams and demonstration squadrons in the world.
  • Aircraft Completion News - Preston, United Kingdom - All the latest private and business completions news and insights from around the world
  • AircraftRecognition.co.uk - Cardiff, United Kingdom - A free online aircraft recognition guide for everyone. A website full of handy hints and tips helping you to identify aircraft and improve your aircraft recognition skills!
  • Airspace - London, United Kingdom - Airspace is a dedicated aviation forum for professionals and enthusiasts. Participate and discuss on a huge range of topics on the aviation industry.
  • Airsports.tv - London, United Kingdom - The leading site for air sports videos
  • AviacionCivil.com.ve - Caracas, Venezuela - Blogs about international civil aviaion news, aviation stories, and basic aeronautical concepts. / Blog sobre aviacion civil internacional noticias, historias de aviacion, conceptios basicos de aeronautica
  • Aviation About.com - Enid, OK (WDG) - Your in-depth, up-to-date news and information source for all things aviation!
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  • Aviation Examiner on Facebook - Villa Rica, GA (ATL) - National aviation news and commentary by experienced Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor
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  • Aviation Faces - London, United Kingdom - An aviation social network dedicate to pilots and those loving aviation to connect together and share their opinions.
  • Aviation Lounge - Lahore, Pakistan - A must see site for aviation lovers.
  • Cardinal Flyers - Hampshire, IL - An online community of owners and operators of the Cessna Cardinal, working together for safety, savings and fun.
  • ClipWings.com - Eschenburg, Germany - ClipWings is social network for aviation fans, provided by aviation fans. Share your aviation videos and photos on ClipWings.com and get in contact with other aviation enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Dan Webb - Australia - A Blog About Those Things in the Sky...
  • FlyLingual - Cary, NC - We are an aviation resource for new or interested pilots. Our articles cover a variety of topics including where to study for your PPL test or which aviation Youtube channels are best.
  • Focused Pilot - Cana, Monaco - Website dedicated to reviewing accessories crucial to pilot success.
  • Focused Pilot - Cana, Monaco - Website dedicated to reviewing accessories crucial to pilot success.
  • Hangar.Flights - Tienen, Belgium - Online Aviation Community, Blog and Pilot Resources. Providing pilots and people who want to become a pilot with the tools and resources they need to become better pilots.
  • iFLYblog.com - Columbus, OH - Aviation blog for pilots, owners, and builders.
  • IndyTransponder - Indianapolis, IN - The Indy Transponder is a collection of headlines, links, and articles related to Aviation Edutainment which include air shows and air racing. Additional highlights: aviation heritage, developing youth’s aero interest, Indiana regional aviation, and other articles of interest. Continue to visit and you will find guest articles from various participants and key people engaged in our industry.
  • JetGuide, LLC - Temecula, CA (F70) - JetGuide provides relevant, timely and valuable micro-blogging pertaining to the dynamic world of business and private aviation. News. Travels. Fast.
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  • Kostas Makris Web Site - Athens, Greece - The purpose of this web site is to give information to anyone who is interested in Aviation, Aircraft Engineering, and modern civil aircraft technology. Various photos are provided.

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