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  • Fast Aviation Data - Everton Park, Australia - Fast Aviation Data, research team specializes in collecting and integrating aviation data into affordable and user friendly software’s to give you quick access to information.
  • Adventure Pilot - Plano, TX (TKI) - Adventure Pilot - Next generation $100 Hamburger Website, designed for the pilot who loves to fly. Join a community of active pilots to partake and share aviation adventures and experiences. Find a new reason to fly!
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  • Aerotech Publications, Adlog - Southold, NY - Since 1975, AeroTech Publications has been supplying the adlogTM aircraft recordkeeping system to individuals, corporations, military aero clubs, flight schools, universities, air taxi operators and various government agencies.
  • AgriData, Inc. - Grand Forks, ND (GFK) - Our Surety Customized Online Mapping software is perfect for aerial chemical applicators to gather FSA maps, chemical application sheets, & store client info including: field location and work orders.
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  • Airline Software, s.r.o. - Piestany, Slovakia - The biggest airline software and IT products database covering all areas of airline activities, ranging from scheduling through enterprise operations up to information management.
  • Alden Electronics, Inc. - Chantilly, VA
  • American Aeronautics - Rockford, IL (RFD) - Now calculate your weight & balance in seconds using any computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world!
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  • AutoFlite - Monterey, CA (MRY) - Custom passenger safety audio & video flight briefings, safety messaging compatible with Rockwell-Collins "Airshow" systems, aviation photography, and Hyper-Stereo 3D aerial photography.
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  • AV-Base Systems, Inc. - London, Canada - AV-BASE Systems Inc. develops and supports a series of aviation management systems known as WinAir. WinAir is recognized as an affordable, easy-to-use, structurally integrated system for handling aviation maintenance and inventory control.
  • AvData Inc. - Utica, NY - Aviation Data Service, Inc. (AvData),a JETNET Company, has been in business for 39 years since 1966. AvData is a research company which captures, analyses and disseminates data on owners and operators of civil aircraft worldwide. The data is organized in four files: Business, Air Carrier, Helicopters and Fractional Owners. The information may be accessed on either an ad hoc or subscription basis.
  • Avfinity - Austin, TX - AvFinity LLC facilitates machine-to-machine communications of mission-critical messaging data for the aviation industry through its patent-pending software technology.
  • Aviation Information Services - Centennial, CO - Denver based Aviation Information Services, Inc. (AIS) has been a highly visible presence in the AvComp industry since 1977, deploying Scheduling, Maintenance, Inventory, and Charter Quote software systems to an International base of Corporate, Government and Military flight departments.
  • Aviators Software - Bothell, WA - Since 1990, our mission has been to create computer software for aviation pilots and businesses that run on Apple Macintosh and Windows systems.
  • Beachside Software, Inc. - Indian Harbour Beach, FL - Internet scheduling for Flying Clubs, FBOs and Flight Schools since 1998. The most powerful scheduler available. See our on-line demo, or call for a live demo at your location.
  • CAST Navigation - Tewksbury, MA (LWM) - GPS simulators from CAST are sophisticated engineering tools designed to support navigation system research, development, integration and test.
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  • CAVU Companies - Utica, NY (RME) - Aircraft performance software for most turbine aircraft. Also performs W&B.
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  • CBL Electronics - Hünenberg, Switzerland - CBL Electronics is providing flight and ground operations software for airlines and business aviation operators.
  • Charlie Tango, Inc. - Belmont, NH (LCI) - Are you looking for a great "front end" software for the day-to-day operations of your Aviation facility ? AVM-2000 software is great for: Avionics Shops, Aviation Maintenance Facilities, Repair Stations, Accessory Shops, Buy/Sell/Repair Operations, Resellers and other Aviation Maintenance related businesses !
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  • CodeForward Software - Acworth, GA - CodeForward is a software firm specializing in corporate and charter aviation solutions.
  • COMM1 Radio Simulators - Frederick, MD (FDK) - Fly confidently by training with COMM1 Radio Simulators — unique, interactive CD-ROMs designed to teach student and refresher pilots how to communicate safely and professionally.
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  • Control Vision Corp. - Pittsburg, KS (PTS) - Anywhere Map moving map GPS; color moving map; Solid State Attitude Indicator; Anywhere WX - Pocket PC NEXRAD weather; Pocket Plates(tm) US Approach Plates (NOAA) on a single storage card.
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  • Copernio Corporation - Huntington Beach, CA (SNA) - provides custom and COTS aerospace software, warehousing and logistics and professional services.
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  • Coradine - Nelson, Canada - LogTen Express and LogTen Pro: professional pilot logbook software for Mac OS X
  • CORRECT Computing Co. - Spanga, Sweden - AVIATE is a powerful flight planning system for general aviation. It’s extreamley fast and easy to use. Flight Log designer, E6B calculator, W&B and more. Nav data Update service available.
  • Critical Software - Menlo Park, CA (PAO) - CRITICAL Software works with leading aerospace and avionics companies, civil and military, specialising in software architecture, system testing and the development and certification of embedded safety-critical applications to the most rigorous standards, such as RTCA/EUROCAE DO-178C.
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