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  • Advatech Pacific - Tempe, AZ - Advatech Pacific, Inc. is a technology development and support company providing general and specialized engineering solutions to the aerospace and defense industries.
  • Aerion Corporation - Reno, NV - Aerion Corporation of Reno, Nevada, is an advanced engineering group formed in 2002 to introduce business jet supersonic flight. The company is in the process of developing an efficient supersonic business jet employing patented natural laminar flow technology.
  • Aircraft RVSM Services, Inc - Wichita, KS (ICT) - VSM approval is a time consuming process that can also be confusing. We can reduce time and frustration for aircraft owners and operators by providing expert support. Operators must submit a properly completed application to their local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) each time an aircraft is acquired.
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  • Airline Information Systems - Oak Harbor, WA - Custom flight operations publications for heavy lift aircraft - Flight Handbooks, qrh's, checklist, training guides, etc.
  • AirLineTechnology.net - Richmond, Canada - airlinetechnology.net The airline technology and information site. Find airline web sites, airline events/conferences, airline industry links and airline software services suppliers.
  • Airpac, Inc. - Edmond, OK - We have been providing the Aviation Industry with information, systems and services since 1981 and you can count on us to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date systems and databases in the industry.
  • Assessment Compliance Group, Inc - Annapolis, MD (W29) - Provides: International Operations Manual, RVSM-RNP Operations Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Category II (HUD) Manuals
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  • ASTECH Engineering, Inc. - Wichita, KS (ICT) - We specialize in helping organizations quickly conceptualize, design, develop, and implement cost-effective Avionic/Aircraft System solutions.
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  • AV8 Design - Oakville, Canada - Canadian based company providing engineering support for aircraft modification and repair.
  • Aviation Partners Limited - Bangkok, Thailand - AIRLINE MANUALS, DOCUMENTATION, FORMS & TRAINING *We develop and write airline manuals and forms for Regional, National and International Airlines along with Corporate and Charter Flight Departments
  • Avionco - Calgary, Canada - A global Aviation Support and Management Services company dedicated to becoming industry leaders by providing quality, specialized support services to the commercial airline market.
  • BART Aviation Management Software - Marietta, GA (RYY)
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  • Carl Aero GmbH - Hlckeswagen, Germany - Aircraft Modifications and Certification Aircraft Sales
  • Colt International - Webster, TX - Colt International is a leading Flight Support company. Client-driven attention has resulted in Colt developing and implementing our ecommerce technology platforms; Efuel and Etrip.
  • Conklin & de Decker - Orleans, MA (HYA) - Publish operating cost and performance databases for over 300 jets, turboprop, helicopter, and piston aircraft. Also has maintenance tracking software. Also: Aviation Management & Tax Consulting, Fleet Planning, Market Surveys, Aircraft Acquisition Plans, Aviation Textbook.
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  • Conscious Systems Engineering, LLC - Nashville, TN (JWN) - We are a Design Firm that provides Premium Aircraft Electrical Systems Engineering Services. We specialize in Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS) Design and Installation on Business, Commercial, and Military Aircraft.
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  • D&D Aviation Services, Inc. - Kennesaw, GA (RYY) - We prepare Flight Operation Manuels, Minimum Equipment List, International Operations Manual, Category II Operations Manual. A full technical operation publications company
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  • DARcorporation - Lawrence, KS (LWC) - airplane design software, textbooks, and consulting services since.
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  • Packer Engineering, Inc. - Naperville, IL - Is a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting and technical services company with offices in Naperville, Illinois and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our clients include private individuals, insurers, manufacturers, industrial processors, utilities, government and law enforcement agencies, and their representing attorneys
  • Pilot Publications - Freeburg, IL (BLV) - Free CDROM. Every publication, handbook and circular required by the FAA available in great CD libraries PLUS exams, and resource downloads.
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  • Titan - San Diego, CA (SAN) - Information regarding the GPS
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  • VIP Completions - London, United Kingdom - Award-winning project management and controls services for private and business jet completion and refurbishment


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