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Training Supplies and Materials

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  • ASA, Aviation Supplies and Academics - Newcastle, WA (RNT) - Instructional books, test prep materials, including Richard Collin's book "Flying IFR"
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  • Adventure Productions - Reno, NV - Adventure Productions is the #1 source for DVDs, videos, books, training materials, pilot test prep, and flight instructor kits, for paragliding, powered paragliding, hang gliding, powered parachute, ultralight, trike, fixed wing, and sport pilots.
  • ATC Flight Simulator - Sun Valley, CA (BUR) - For over 30 years ATC Flight Simulator Company has been in the business of a manufacturing FAA-approved, realistic and affordable flight simulators, featuring fixed-wing, rotorcraft and Flight Training Devices for general aviation, commercial, US forestry service and military aircraft.
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  • Avotek - Weyers Cave, VA - We publish textbooks, create multimedia materials, and manufacture training simulators — all focused on our goal of providing the best possible training experience for our customers.
  • Binghamton Simulator Co. - Binghamton, NY (BGM) - Home of "link simulation", we have provided products and services to the global simulation and training industries for the past 21 years.
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  • DynaLantic Corp. - Sayville, NY (23N) - DynaLantic Corp. (DLC) was founded in 1984. The company is dedicated to both the military and commercial Training and Simulation marketplace. In its twenty-year history DLC has specialized in the design, manufacture, installation and support of a wide array of military and commercial Training Systems.
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  • Emergency Landing Info - Exeter, United Kingdom - Information on handling light aircraft emergencies including, including a number of aircraft accident analysis pages. Also includes a page of adverts for low hour pilot jobs.
  • Precision Flight Controls Inc. - Rancho Cordova, AK - Precision Flight Controls, Inc. is recognized as a leading manufacturer of flight training devices.
  • Radar Training Systems - Mansfield, TX - Archie Trammell's new Airborne Weather Training Course with Pilot's Quick Guide for your iPad. A self-taught course, email mary@radar4pilots.com. Mention GlobalAir and the price drops $84.50 to $60.00
  • Rod Machado - Santa Ana, CA (SNA) - Rod Machado’s site provides educational materials for those who want to learn to fly an airplane. It also provides educational materials for those who want to obtain advanced pilot certificates or ratings.
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  • SIM-TECH Manufacturing - Fayetteville, GA (ATL) - SIM-TECH Manufacturing builds flight training devices for pilots, flight attendants and the aviation industry. Devices include Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers, and standalone door trainers.
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  • Tomvale Advanced Software - Ardoch, Canada - Pilot training and ground school software designed to prepare pilot candidates for the FAA exams, and remain current. Available for Private, Commercial, IFR, Instructor for pilots and Flight Schools.


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