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New Airplane Shooter Game

Get the most points to have your high score
displayed on the scoreboard below!

Details and Conditions Below:

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How to play?
  • To begin the game, click anywhere on the game graphic below.
  • Use the arrow keys (left, right, up, and down) to move and the space bar to shoot

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February Scoreboard
NameHome AirportHigh Score
There are not yet any saved scores this month

Previous Winners
MonthNameHome AirportHigh Score
January 2018Douglas GriffinBCT3100
November 2017Jeffrey CarrithersLOU3650
July 2017Stephen WoodGMU100
June 2017John BivinsMDT1100
May 2017Tod TowneSRQ2000
April 2017Ray RobinsonLOU1150
June 2016Northstar JetMSO950
May 2016Steve LoydBFL2050
April 2016Wesley HockCSB600
March 2016Tom ThomasDFW11550
February 2016Tom ThomasDFW12550
January 2016Tom ThomasDFW11700
December 2015Kuilin LiORD12950
November 2015Kuilin LiORD12900
October 2015Rick HendrixTAZ300
September 2015Brandon CoffmanLBB3050
July 2015Dale AngeloHDC4100
April 2015Mike Mendenhall20GA3450
March 2015Brian HarrisonGJT3950
February 2015Robert Emerson3M79300
November 2014Ryan ScottBPK10450
October 2014Ryan PriceLOU8050
September 2014Lee JenningsPDK3850
August 2014Robert Emerson3M78350
July 2014Robert Emerson3M75750
June 2014Robert Emerson3M79100
May 2014Amy MoyleLBX500
April 2014Ronald MorrellPAE1150
March 2014Kim PatrickOJC400
February 2014Richard RostronPWK3050
January 2014Michael LambertDUH5450
December 2013Vincenzo AssanteBWI4450
November 2013Chris FraserCOE11100
October 2013Vincenzo AssanteBWI5300
September 2013Walter BoydTKI4500
August 2013Walter BoydTKI7900
July 2013Frank McgovernLAX4150
June 2013Ted Hewatt1T71300
May 2013Brent Howard1K8850
April 2013Brent BrinkleyMRN10700
March 2013David ThorntonATL4550
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August 2015   
September 2017