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Step 1: Add an Aircraft to your logbook.
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Step 2: Create a New Logbook Name.
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Step 3: Add as many new Entry as you want for your Logbook.
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Why Choose Us?

With our Pilot's Logbook you can look forward to an electronic logbook that has no software to mess up your computer, no updates to be downloaded, that you can access anywhere in the world and is totally FREE!

There are other features that you will find very useful:
  • You logbook is fully downloadable to a text file or CSV file
  • You may develop custom views of your logbook
  • Add, adjust or remove flights
  • Able to add as many aircraft profiles as necessary
  • Has the ability to record carry-over time (previous logged hours), hold feature for charter Pilots or duty time.
  • Search for remarks in your logbook
  • View the total hours for all of your flights or specific flights

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